Special Talents [Church children's story on undiscovered potential]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Sep 24, 2017

Everyone sit across stage, facing audience.
You look like a very clever collection of children.
Do any of you have any tricks you can do with your body? Something maybe most other kids-or adults can't do that you can show us?

Stand up if you can :
  • Go cross eyed
  • Curl your tongue 
  • Whistle
  • Pat your head and rub tummy
  • Wiggle your ears
  • Poke out your tongue touch nose
I'm Pretty good at that one, and I have actually figured out some stretches you can do to be able to do it if you can't normally, so stand up if you want to learn
  • First: Stretch your jaw out as far forward as you can for a few seconds
  • Second, open oyur mouth as wide as you can for a few seconds
  • Third, point your tongue as low as your can for a few seconds
  • fourth, pont you tongue as far our forwards as you can
Now, rest for a moment as your face muscles will be loosened but sore for a bit, I'll show you the last two stretches in a moment .

Isn't it interesting how different people were good at doing different things. 
Hands up, who's good at:
  • Playing the piano?
  • Remembering things, like memory verses?
  • Holding a pet snake? (What about the audience, who's able to hold a snake?)
  • Doing Maths?
  • Drawing? (What about the audience?)
  • Doing Hard Jigsaw puzzles - like 1000 piece jigsaws
  • Reading
  • Writing stories
  • Doing Cartwheels (What about the audience?)
  • Climbing trees
  • Being friends with new kids you've never met?
  • Keeping room always tidy?
  • Finally, who's good at putting your hand up?
As you get older you will start to discover what special gifts you have. Some might be silly talents, like being able to balance books on your head - while riding a unicycle.
Others will be special talents you can use to make he world a better place, like teaching or writing books or making beautiful art.
I hope all of you, as you get older, will discover your talents a quickly as possible and then use them to serve God in any way you can.

NOW, your jaw and you tongue should be rested a bit now. Here's the final two stretches.
  • Stretch your tongue up as far as possible
  • Stretch out your hand and put it on your nose- there you go - your are all now poking out your tongue and touching you're nose at the same time.
 Give them a clap!


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