Life of Clair [mime script]

A moving Mother's day skit on a woman's courage, a mother's love

Set to music Clair de lune
(Timing cues)

0:00 mother and father stand face to face, staring at ground motionless.

(After opening stanza) Slowly look up and at each other.

Mother slowly raises her hand and sorrowfully strokes fathers check.

0:35 Father picks up suitcase and leaves, leaving mother staring at door for a few moments after he’s gone.

1.03 She picks up baby with joy in her heart at first, turns to trying to quiet/settle Baby asleep in her arms.

1:40 Takes baby out of room.

1:50 Mother returns, hair is in pony tail and wearing apron. Takes ‘month’ off calendar or winds wall clock forward, makes sandwich, primary daughter who followed her in waits - snatches once sandwich is given and leaves without acknowledgement to mother.

2:14 Mother takes another ‘month’ off calendar/clock, now highschool daughter enters with phone and dead phones and and waits.

2:28 Mother hands sandwich, turns away from daughter to take off apron and turns again to hug - but daughter has abruptly left, takes ‘month’ of calendar/clock.

2:50 Older daughter comes back in wheeling suit case and wearing a black jacket, takes keys off bench without acknowledgement, and leaves - mother gestures a goodbye wave to her back.

3:05 Mother, puts hair in bun and walking frail, removes final ‘month’ from calendar/clock to midnight, kisses a photo frame with family picture and lays down on the ground, on her back, hands folded on chest.

3:45 Older daughter and father enter sorrowfully with flowers. Lay them on the ground by mother.
Take down calendar off wall or turn clock to midnight.

4:16 Spotlight shines - daughter and husband turn to look at light (second coming), smile and look at each other - Mother sits up in background.

4:26  Dad and daughter slowly turn to face mother who stands

4:40 Joyfully embrace at last chord of music, mother's face, facing audience, poking between the father and daughter with their back to the audience. Smiling with content at last.

Quote comes up on the screen:
Successful Mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. 
They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.
-Sharon Jaynes

Was the husband leaving for business or was it divorce?
Did the mother die or was she asleep?
What happened to the father in this time?
Does/could the mother represent Jesus? 


Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 12, 2018


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