Think Big [Puppet play about Christians thinking big and not being afraid to mix with those in higher society]

Performance: Men' s ministry service Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - June 23, 2018

[muppet music plays, two men walk in with a large sheet hanging between them as a screen, puppeteers sneak in behind screen as they enter the room. Jack appears in middle of screen, police and prime minister on one of the sides.]

J: Hey, Tod, look!

T: [appears] Looking... what am I looking at?

J: It’s the prime minister of Australia!

T: Really? Looks like Pr Pablo to me?

J: NO! Over there!

T: Oh yeah! Wow... Let’s get out of here!

J: What??

T: Before he puts us in Jail!

J: Jail? Why would he put us in Jail?

T: Because he’s the prime minister of Australia, he can do that you know. He makes all the rules. And look!... he’s got a policeman with him!

J: SO??

T: Well, what do you think the police are for? To put people in jail!

J: Oh!? Surely not.

T: True! Oh!! They're coming this way!!! Quick pretend we’re not christians

J: What?

[prime minister and police walk from one side of curtain to other, passing by.]

T: [matter of fact voice] So yeah, my great great great grandfather was a tyrannosaurus rex, and then our family decided to grow longer arms so we could brush our teeth easier.

PM: Hello

T: Heeerreehhhh (nervous smile/laugh)

[prime minister/police make it to the other side.]

T: Wow, that was close!

J: No, that was just weird. WHAT ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT??

T: Well, I’m sure I’ve read in the Bible where the prime ministers, or kings or whoever, go around putting people in Jail once they know the are christians.

J: Really??

T: Yeah. so lucky for my quick thinking, he thought we believed in Evolution.

We were thiiiis close to going to Jail

J: How close?

T: Thiiis close

J: I’m not seeing it

[hands appear to move puppet’s hands]

T: Thiiiis close

J: Gotcha! Well, I don’t think that was quite the case.

T: What do you mean? You saw the policeman - just waiting for the Prime Minister to yell “Arrest that christian”

J: Umm... I don't think so.

T: Then why the police?

J: Probably for protection from you!

T: From me?

J: Yeah.

T: Why would he need protecting from me?

J: Apparently you come from a line of T-Rexs....... You know I think we should go and speak to him.

T: Speak to him?

J: Yeah, you know how we’ve been thinking Creation is something that should be explained in Schools.

T: Yeah,

J: Well maybe we can get him to help make it happen.

T: That is the most brilliant idea, you’ve ever had, to get us PUT IN JAIL!!

J: Nonsense, come on.

T: No what, wait.....

J: Mr Prime Minister. Sorry to bother you,

T: Yes very sorry to bother you. Good bye.

J: NO... we were wondering if you could think about having creation taught in schools, alongside Evolution.

PM: Oh, are you Christians

T: NO!

J: YES, we are

T: Ahhherrrrr!!!! (nervous sreik)

PM: Oh well, sure, I’ll talk it over with my government. I can’t promise anything but you never now. If there were enough people wanting it, I’m sure we could make it happen.

[walks off]

T: Be gentle with the handcuffs Officer. PLEASE let me collect $200 on the way to Jail...

J: Um Tod,

T: And call my wife and let her know Rubbish bin night is tonight...

J: They have gone.

T: What?! Wow, that was insane.

J: He wasn’t so scary. You know, if we would think big a little more, maybe we could make this world a better place.

T: Sp, sp, speaking of big.

J: Yes????

T: There's a giant creature right behind yu, yu, you!!!

[man holding sheet looks around at Tod, and Tod runs screaming the other direction, and ends up seeing the other man holding the sheet, and running backwards the other way again backs into Jack in the middle of the sheet, squeals in fright and faints backwards]

J: [to audience] That was Tod. Tod worries too much about what other people think or will do to him, and mostly looks after himself. Don’t be like Tod. Think Bigger!


All items on this site are written by Scott Wegener, a multi award-winning Australian creative writer, specialising in fun Christian dramas and articles. He believes in looking on the lighter side of life while still valuing the eternal seriousness of life's decisions. This site is essentially a place Scott stores his works, sometimes without much copy-editing (do forgive any spelling/grammar creativity you spot on this site that comes free of charge due to his slight dyslexia).