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Aug 4, 2018

Mr Bean Sings [Skit for a talent night]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Aug 4, 2018

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a slight delay for our next artist. But you’re in for a real treat. Classically trained, toured throughout Europe, he has a voice you’ll never forget. I’ll just go and see if he’s arrived.

BEAN: Enter sweeping, Find Lolly, blow and eat.

See microphone “hello”, “pft” “laugh”

Get player, pull out cassette which is all come out - wind up.

Intro music. Pull out hymn book

V1: not find. Idea, Sings ALAYLOOYA,

look index, find ALya... ya.... yaaaa

V2: Too small to read, idea, Sings ALAYLOOYA,

Dance, happy, Sings ALAYLOOYA.

V3: Boss come in - blow on mic in time with Sings ALAYLOOYA

Clean with tie and watch, gone! Sings ALAYLOOYA

V4: Bored, idea, Sings ALAYLOOYA

Popcorn, Throw catch, choke, spit, Sings ALAYLOOYA

V5: Watch, idea, Sings ALAYLOOYA

Ffwds tape play but HOT STUFF music plays, bean panics and rewinds tape!

Sings, and boss returns and puts hand on Bean's shoulder right on final YAAAAAAA!!!! and is startled and spills Popcorn everywhere and is lead off..


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