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Sep 1, 2018

Father's Apprentice [Father's day skit about a Father's influence]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - September 1, 2018

Set to an edited down version of Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice soundtrack

[first Strings stanzas]
Standing net to each other, Father tries a few times to show son how to shake hands, but he never does in return.

[hopping sounds that turn into marching]
Dad stomps foot in frustration and thinks.
Pause until second music stomp and then son stomps in time with music once.
Father a little surprised, tries again curiously, with two stomps in time with music
Another pause and son does two stomps with music.
Father excited, starts marching on the spot with music, watching to see if son follows, son soon copies, and they march in a circle doing a 'skip' in time with the music.

Father thinks what else to do, tries rolling arms, then son copies
Father tries knocking knees, and son copies

Father answers phone call and mimes abuse towards whoever is on the phone.
Son copies aggressively on his phone
Father wiggles finger, "no don't do that"
Son wiggles finger back too.

A tourist passes in front and father pick pockets money out of tourist's back pocket, son then copies.
Father buys a beer with the money and starts drinking, son copies.
As music builds, tourist ends up accidentally bumping into father, who spills beer and gets angry at tourist and shoves him over towards son, who gets bumped and gets even more angry and abuses the tourist.

Father, horrified, steps in to break up fight, then son starts abusing father, who pushes back, and father and son push too and fro until they are about to punch each other but stop at a climax point of the edited music and things go quiet as they freeze

With the final violins at the end of the piece, father apologises to tourist and looks shameful, son does the same soon after.
Father holds up hand to shake son's hand, but loses hope, until the son smacks his hand into his fathers to shake it as the music finale hits and father looks as audience with a huge smile of amazement on his face and freeze.

On screen at ending: "A father’s apprentice is best taught by example"


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