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Oct 5, 2019

Greedy-up [skit about greed and generosity]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - October 5, 2019

[Set to some fitting movie soundtrack music backing, like Indiana Jones's 'the snake pit']

Balloon-Creator pumps up balloons constantly, (8 in total on stage) not tying them off, just holding one once it’s pumped and waits, and hands it over each time someone approaches.

Gree-Dee, seeing the first balloon is ready, rushes to get the first balloon, and takes it.

Jen-Ross politely approached for the first balloon but missed and waits politely.

Gree-Dee snatches the second, third and fourth balloon as they are finished (before Jen-Ross can get their first balloon - reaching out politely each time to take it but missing out). Gree-Dee now has two balloons in each hand and looks smug.
Jen-Ross finally gets their first balloon

Poor-Boy comes out side door without a balloon, gestures Gree-Dee for a balloon, who shakes head, as if they couldn’t possible spare one.

Jen-Ross gives their only balloon to Poor-Boy, who gratefully takes it and leaves slowly up the aisle.

Gree-Dee jumps in for their 5th balloon, denying Jen-Ross’ replacement balloon.

Poor-boy, at back of church now accidentally lets go of balloon, so starts to come back to front again.

Jen-Ross gets a balloon again but, as Poor-Boy comes back to the front, lovingly gives up their balloon again to Poor-Boy, who leaves again.

Gree-Dee jumps in for their 6th balloon, denying Jen-Ross another replacement balloon.

Jen-Ross waits for the next balloon, but Balloon-Creator has no more, and leaves.

Jen-Ross asks Gree-Dee for 1 balloon, but is denied, Gree-Dee indicating they do not have ANY to spare.

Poor-Boy enters from back of the church with Balloon-Creator, who’s carrying 10+ balloons in a bunch on a string, and is lead to Jen-Ross, and the bunch is all given to Jen-Ross. One drops on the ground as they leave.

Gree-Dee watches in amazement the scene just before, then spots the balloon that fell on the ground. Debates weather they need ANOTHER balloon, but decides so. As they bend over to pick up their 7th balloon with both hands, they accidentally let go of all 6 balloons, which fly off/deflate, and the one on the ground pops, (having stepped on it perhaps, trying to stop his balloons flying off, or a pin on their shoe?). They are left with none. (Walk off sad, with hands in pockets)


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