Duel of Faiths [mime script]

Drama about community being the main attraction of church and the temptations of the wold drawing people away from church

(Quite, country background sounds play, soft church bell ringing.)

Good sets up a church, left side of stage (could be a small cardboard cutout)
Innocent walks on stage looking around as if wondering where they should go.
Good invites Innocent over to church. Innocent is weary but starts to move that way...

(Dramatic choir music begins [edited version of Duel of Fates])
Door opens, revealing a smokey scene.
Innocent and Good both look over curiously

(Second hit of choir singing seconds later)
Strobe light flashes in back room too

(Choir stops, orchestra starts)
Evil walks in a few paces, black attire. Cape?
Looks around audience a little, then locks gaze onto Innocent, who is just staring

(Choir starts again)
Good holds a medium size Magnet up, showing labels:
  • Music (top)
  • Bible study (bottom)

Pulls in Innocent a little

(choir starts again, higher)
Evil now holds up their larger magnet, showing :

  • Parties (top)
  • Sports (bottom)

Pulling Innocent their way now. 

(Rapid choir notes)
Innocent tussles to and fro between them, as if pulled by invisible magnetic fields. Both straining to pull Innocent in.

(Slight minor choir chord held)
Good’s Magnet is swiveled to reveal new words:

  • Peace (top)
  • Forgiveness (bottom)

(Next higher choir stanza)
Then Evil’s magnet is swiveled:
  • Thrills - (top)
  • Selfishness - (bottom)

(Orchestra only)
Innocent goes too and fro a little.

(Grand/dramatic sustained choir notes)
Evil pulls out second large magnet, showing:
  • Wealth
  • Power

And having two magnets now, starts to slowly draw innocent closer.

(Orchestra only - last few seconds of first finale)

Good is joined rapidly by several people who all run up and join Good with small magnets of their own held out. Optional: each one labeled “loving (top) community (bottom)”.

Innocent is drawn completely in to Good now, while Evil is left with his magnets that could not compete. Innocent and group leave merrily.

(Music dies down)
Evil lowers magnets and looks disappointed for a moment over losing their hopeful, and starts to leave.

(Choir starts again)
BUT then, they slowly turn to look out and peruse the audience, with a growing devious to evil look appearing.

(Choir sings abrupt short notes)
Evil looks in the eye of different audience person at very different parts of the room each time, each second.

(Steady choir chord)
Evil raises and forcefully points both magnets directly at different sides of the audience, with an evil look, of angry gnashing teeth, as if saying “YOU'RE MINE, CHRISTIAN!” A big sub-woofer ‘isolating wave’ fades in so the audience feels the magnets pointed at them during this.

(Music ended in final two notes)
Abruptly lowers magnets and storms off disgruntled.

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - December  7, 2019


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