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Apr 11, 2020

The News [COVID-19 Coronavirus V's Easter Skit ]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online Easter service - April 11, 2020


Worry is scrolling Facebook/news on his/her phone
Hope is reading a Bible

[After each statement the other 'acknowledges' with a grunt or 'yeah', but wasn't really listening (too engrossed in their own reading).]

W: Says here there’s no food at the supermarkets

H: Says here not to worry about what we might eat or drink

W: Says here unemployment could get to record highs

H: Says here all things work together for our good

W: Says here there’s a shortage of medical equipment

H: Says here there will be no more suffering

W: Says here we may be locked up at home for up to a year.

H: Says here he’s coming back soon

W: Says here says here there’s no known cures or vaccines

H: Says here his eye is on the sparrow

W: Says here the stock market has taken a dive, and house prices could drop like 20%

H: Says here we have a mansion waiting for us

W: Says here, over 100 thousand deaths reported so far.

H: Says here we will be raised from the dead.

W: Says here the government knew about this, but didn't do anything about it.

H: Says here Jesus died to save us

W: Says here there are not enough grave sites

H: Says here he rose again - he defeated death

W: We’re going to die!

H: We’re going to live!

[W puts phone down]

W: Are you comprehending the magnitude of all this? Jesus!

H: What? Oh yes... Jesus! What peace He brings.

[H gets up and leaves with a smile]

W: Wait?... What?

[on screen: What NEWS are you FOLLOWING?]


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