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May 9, 2020

Busy, Mum [a 'sorry' Mother's Day skit ]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online Mother's Day service -May 9, 2020

KID: Mother’s day. It’s the one time of year when we remember our mothers, tell them how much we love them and thank them for all they do for us.

MUM: Could you put your socks in the basket please I’m about to do a load of washing.

KID: I’m busy!
Sorry about that.
We commemorate all the time and effort they put into running our families

MUM: And could you unpack the groceries for me.

KID: I’m busy!
Sorry about that.
Perhaps even give them breakfast in bed

MUM: Can you please clean the kitchen, I need some space to make diner!

KID: I’m busy!
Sorry about that.
So, at this time of year, we pause and salute our mums.

MUM: [Doorbell] Could you get that?

KID: No! [mutters]
I’m trying to tell people how much we appreciate you – how can I show I appreciate you when you keep interrupting me to help you with all this stuff you need help with. It’s not like it’s Mother’s day today! [huff]
We love you, mums. If only there was a way we could really show you how much you mean to us all through the year, instead of just on this one day. Thankyou for all you do.

Dad: hey you wanna go bike riding?

KID: Sure

Dad: just popping out for a bike ride.

[graphic] Mother’s day

MUM: Dinners served everyone!

[graphic] The only day we make you feel appreciated.

MUM: Guys??

[graphic] (sorry about that)


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