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May 30, 2020

Your Call [skit on backing your beliefs]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - May 30, 2020

[Using poker chips, monopoly money, or betting chips of some sort, the conversation plays out like a game of people betting in poker.]

Althea: Want to go out to that seafood bar? I hear they have some fresh oysters in!

Chris: Umm, no thanks! I don’t think they are very good for you.

Althea: Really? Nah, [tosses chips in] I reckon they’re fine.

Chris: Well, I’m going with it’s better to steer clear of them. [tosses chips in]

Althea: We’ll see.


Althea: Want a drink? Whisky?

Chris: Umm, no thanks! I’m not a drinker.

Althea: Really? I don’t’ think there’s anything wrong with the occasional drink. [tosses chips in]

Chris: Yeah? I reckon it’s better to keep clear of alcohol. [tosses chips in]

Althea: We’ll see.


Althea: Coffee then?

Chris: Umm, no.

Althea: Let me guess, you have a thing about coffee too?

Chris: Yeah.

Althea: I’m in with coffee. [tosses chips in]

Chris: Nah, it’s really not all that good for you. [tosses chips in]

Althea: We’ll see.


Althea: So how’s marriage working out for you?

Chris: What? Fine!

Althea: Really? I can’t imagine being stuck with one partner. Easy come easy go. [tosses chips in]

Chris: Nah, one life partner is the way to go [tosses chips in].

Althea: We’ll see


Althea: These refugees, keep taking our jobs, don’t they?

Chris: We’ll when you’ve go nowhere else to go

Althea: Nah, nah, nah, kick-em out. We can’t have them ruining our way of life by letting them in. [tosses chips in]

Chris: We’ll, I think they’re people who need help, so we should help them. [tosses chips in]

Althea: We’ll see


Althea: Come to the casino tonight?

Chris: No, I don’t think gambling is a responsible use of money. It ruins so many lives.

Althea: You don’t like gambling either?

Chris: No, I’m afraid not.

Althea: But, aren’t we gambling now?

Chris: [turns to look at camera while talking] The gambling in this skit is a metaphor representing how strongly we believe something.

Althea: Ohh, right… Right. Well then, I’m all for gambling [tosses chips in]

Chris: No, wouldn’t catch me gambling, other than metaphorically. [tosses chips in]


Althea: They’ve found a new fossil of a toenail.  Scientists think this shows we evolved directly from slugs.

Chris: Really? Nah, I believe we were created

Althea: How can you believe that? Big bang all the way for me [tosses chips in]

Chris: I’m in with creation as written in The Bible [tosses chips in]

Althea: The Bible? That’s just made up

Chris: I don’t think so

Althea: Well I’m going with it fully being a fairytale [tosses chips in]

Chris: Well I’m going with it begin the word of God [tosses chips in]

Althea: GOD!?? God does not exist

Chris: I think He does.

Althea: I bet my life on there being no God – I’m all in! [pushes all remaining chips in]

Chris: Well, I’m all in that there is a loving God. [pushes all remaining chips in]

Althea: We’ll see


[On screen] To be continued…


Act II
(for after the church service?)

[On screen] Sometime in the future…

Image of 2 graves with inscriptions “All in without God” "All in with God", Hallelujah chorus in background, bright light, the 'with God' grave becomes empty

[On screen titles, one by one]

The end

or The beginning

(It's your call!)


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