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Jun 6, 2020

You're Invited ['You're in' skit series part 1]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - June 6, 2020

[A big Bouncer bloke stands by a door, party music and sounds behind the door. And person curiously comes up to talk a look]

Is there a party going on in there?

Bouncer: Yep

Sounds fun. I don’t’ think I’ve been to a party for ages. There’s so much going on in life, you know. I mean who has time to party.

Are there many people at the party?

Bouncer: Yep

I bet, bound to be heaps of people, by the sounds.

Have you got room for any more people?

Bouncer: Yep

Oh really. Nice. Nice.

Say, how does one get into the party? Do you need an invite?

Bouncer: Yep

Oh right. Of course you would. A party like that.

So… is there chance more people could be invited?

Bouncer: Nup

Oh I see, the list has been finalized, of course it has. I would love to be in there. But I guess if it’s invitation only, it’s invitation only. Does sound like a LOT of fun back there.

Say, is there a fee or something that can be paid to let me in?

Bouncer: Nup.

Oh of course, but I mean, can I go get you a drink or something? Shine your shoes? Anything I can do to get you to allow me in without an invite?

Bouncer: Nup

Oh, right. Fair enough. I didn’t think there would be. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

Do you know the list of people invited?

Bouncer: Yep

Oh, of course you do, how else would you know who to let in.

So um, can I get you to check a name for me? I have a friend, Robbie, he loves to party, was he per chance invited?

Bouncer: Yep

Oh right! There you go. Lucky him.

And um what about James? Was he invited at all?

Bouncer: Yep

Oh really, there you go.

Tell me, was Bianca invited?

Bouncer: Yep

Really?? Unbelievable. How did SHE get an invite.

What about Cathy?

Bouncer: Yep

No way. Unbelievable. Of all the people in the world.

Everyone seems to be invited. But am I invited?...

Bouncer: Yep/ Person: No! [same time]

What? Did you say… I’m invited?

Bouncer: Yep


Bouncer: Yep

Wow-wee, there you go! And all this time I thought I wasn’t invited.

Well, guess I’ll join the party then. Nice chatting.
Before I go, how were the invitations sent, because, I don’t recall seeing an invitation, It’s possible it went to my spam folder if it were emailed.

Bouncer: [holds out Bible]

Yes I have a Bible, thanks, though not overly inspired to read it.

Bouncer: [stands there still holding out Bible]

Oh. Is the invitation in the Bible?

Bouncer: Yep

That’ll teach me for not reading it, wont it, ha-ha. Guess I’ll have to now, won’t I.

Well thanks for your help

Actually, you know, you’re telling me there’s a lot of people invited. Is there anyone NOT invited?

Bouncer: Nope

Well.. that IS good news.


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