You're Influential [childrens story for 'You're in' series part 3]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - June 20, 2020

Hi Kids
Today we’re talking about influence
What does influence mean?
[read dictionary definition]
We built a roller coaster recently that has 20 loops in a row [picture]
We found that one loop had influence on the next loop, which had influence on the next loop, and so on.
If the roller coaster didn’t go around one loop fast enough, the train stopped on the next loop and didn’t make it any further.
Hey can we take a ride on the roller coaster?
Not yet, at the end.
Kids, you have influence on those close by you.
If you influence one friend, they can influence the next, who can influence the next, and the next and the next (and the next?) yes and the next, and the next, (and the next) yes and the next, and the next….
But what can you influence other with?
You could influence others to lie, or steal, bully others or even speak meanly to your parents, and then they could also start doing such things, and their friends, and their friends and their friends and their friends what a terrible world to live in.
But perhaps the greatest thing you can influence your friends with is love.
YES, if you love those around you, even if they’re mean to you, how much nicer would life be is EVERYONE was being loving to each other,
So we can do our bit to change the world simply by showing love to those around us. It’s not always easy, but you have influence, so it can start with you!
Ok, is it time to go on the roller coaster now?
Sure is, IF you get motion sick maybe get a bucket ready for this next bit, because we’re going loopy.


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