You're Influential ['You're in' skit series part 3]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - June 20, 2020

There’s two doors right next to each other. One door has a sign at the top “Eternal Death” and the other door has “Eternal Life” at the top.

Florence stands in view, to the side, reading a Bible.

Someone walks by and straight through “eternal Death” door, without hesitation.

Florence doesn’t really notice much.

A second person goes in “Eternal Death’ door. Florence still doesn’t notice.

A third person goes in “Eternal Death’ door, this time Florence notices, and looks a little unsure of what the people are doing.

A fourth person goes into the “Eternal Death” door

Florence shows sadness, they are throwing their life away.

A fifth person goes through “Eternal Death” door

Florence has an idea. Pulls out a piece of paper, writes on it, (we can’t see what’s being written), then sticks it on the ‘Eternal Death’ door at eye view

We see the sign clearly reads “Use other door.” And has an arrow pointing to “Eternal Life” door’s direction.

Florence goes back to stand in original position

A sixth person comes, opens the ‘eternal Death’ door partially, but then takes a step back, reading the new sign, then goes in the “Eternal Life” door.

Florence smiles.

A seventh person, does the same thing, almost goes in Eternal Death’s door, sees the extra sign, and changes mind, uses ‘Eternal Life’ door.

Florence, big smile now, follows into the ‘Eternal Life’ door too.


(Optional: Florence writes “out of order” above their ‘Use other door” words, just before they go into Eternal Life door)


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