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Nov 1, 2020

So Thirsty [puppet play about thirsting for somethgin more: Jesus]

  Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - November 14, 2020

Psalm 63. Thirsting for Jesus. The temptations of this world, very subtly mentioned in this play, just don't satisfy like our living water, Jesus, does.

[ Derick Dealer and Thirsty Theo walk up to each other]

Derick: [cheery] G'day mate

Theo: [sad] Hi

Derick: What’s up with you?

Theo: I’m really thirsty!

Derick: Thirsty? Why is that? What have you been doing?

Theo: Dunno. I was just driving around the city all day in my new BMW 7 series and... I didn't think I could be, but... now I’m thirsty.

Derick: Hmm, did you get out of your car at all?

Theo: Yeah?

Derick: We’re you wearing a hat?

Theo: Yeah?

Derick: Oh. Well what kind?

Theo: A Rabbitohs cap. [insert popular local sports team that can't seem to win a grand final - or the pastors team]

Derick: Oh... I see!

Theo: What?

Derick: Well that’s not going to help your thirst.
Say, do you like chips?

Theo: Sure do.

Derick: I got some salt and vinegar chips here. They should help take your mind off your worries. Drown your sorrows.

Theo: Thanks man, you’re the greatest!
Mmmmm, nice. You’re right!

Oh... now I have even more thirst hanging over me!

Derick: Oh, well... want some corn chips?

Theo: Can’t say no! They look so appealing. More exciting than what I get at home. Don’t tell my wife! Thanks.
Oh yeah, this is awesome....
Oh... now I’m even MORE thirsty, and I feel all dirty!!

Derick: Oh, well, are you a gambling man? You could try these pretzels?

Theo: Oh sure, they could solve all my problems, thanks mate.
Oh no, those pretzels are just making me more thirsty.

Derick: Maybe you need something harder, like these little chilis.

Theo: Whoa what are you doing with those!?
No way, I’m not into that kind of thing.
I've heard too many stories of the after effects.

Derick: You’re tough to satisfy, aren’t you.
I guess you could try some water?

Theo: Water? That doesn’t sound very exciting.

Derick: I’ve heard it’s good for you.

Theo: I dunno. It’s not very MANly is it.

Derick: I know. But a lot of people around the world insist it’s the greatest thing.

Theo: But we’ve evolved so much better stuff.
I can’t see how time old water can compare.

Derick: There a lot of debate about that, yes.

Theo: And some get too immersed in water and drown, don’t they?

Derick: Some do go too far and lose themselves in it, yes.

Theo: And I’ve seen in the news some water is really polluted? Especially hurting children?

Derick: Yeah, what people do with water can certainly be harmful.

Theo: Heeey? Hang on. Have we REALLY been talking about water this whole time?

Derick: Mmmmaybe.

Theo: Ok, ok. Let me try water?

Derick: Don't have any, sorry.

Theo: What!??

Derick: Hey there’s a pastor, he’s got water. He must know how to find water.

Theo: Cool thanks.

[start to walk off separate directions]

Derick: I hope you find something to satisfy your thirst!

--- [either continue with the following or have it as a second act, perhaps after sermon]  ---

Theo: Hey, excuse me Pastor, do you know where I can get some water? I’m just so thirsty!

Pastor: I do, here you go [hands Bible]

Theo: [confused] Thanks?? [stares at Bible, then stares at camera -fade]


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