I Am Strength [mime script]

Drama about finding strength in the Lord through life's challenges

Synopsis: The woman moves along the timeline of life, collecting more trials as she goes, and they start to weigh her down, until she reaches the end of her rope and struggles to continue. God, the I AM, offers help, and when finally accepted it gives her enough strength to lose the weight of the ill effects of the trials in her life, even defeating temptation.Call him.

Music “Lean on me” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOZ-MySzAac 

A capable man stands off to the side of the stage and puts a rope, which is across the stage, over his
shoulder and stands firmly holding it. On his shoulder is a sign “I AM A STAGE HAND.”

[intro to song starts]

Woman walks from the back of the audience and down the centre aisle and onto the stage, on her back is a sign: “I AM YOU.”
She stands up on the stage, back to the audience, looking down at a rope across the stage, slightly turning side to side to make sure everyone catches a glimpse of her sign.
She walks forward, steps over the rope, and turns around, though still focused on the rope.
She lifts up a section of the rope, where there’s an attached sign closest to the stage hand.

[Pre-verse 0:27 ]

She examines it, looking over the top of the rope from behind, with the sign facing the audience, removes its cover for the audience to see. It says “Study / Work” and “Stress” hangs below it.
Pulling the rope tight, from the stage hand to the first sign, she shuffles along the rope, keeping it
reasonably tight, to the next sign. Again looking over the top of the rope from behind, as happens for all
reveals, she removes the cover. It says “Bills / Debt” and “Worry” hangs below it.

[Verse 0:52]

Again, shuffling and revealing the next sign: “Sickness” and “Uncertainty” hangs below
Again, shuffling and revealing the next sign: “Loss” and “Grief” hangs below

[Verse 1:20]

Crow ‘flies on stage, with “I AM TEMPTATION' sign. Lands on the line, adding a ‘Shame’ sign where it
lands and pushes down the rope with its weight, but gets waved away by Woman and flies off for now.

[Chorus 1:45]

Man walks up from the front row of the audience, wearing a ‘tough’ jacket. Gestures to the woman as if to say “let me help you hold the rope”.
The woman brushes off the man and suggests he go sit down. She’s got this. The man sits back down.

[Verse 2:10]

Again, shuffling and revealing the next sign: “Threats” and “Fear” hangs below
Again, shuffling and revealing the next sign: “Abuse” and “Anger” hangs below
The woman is really struggling to hold up the rope and all these afflictions of life.
Crow comes in again and lands, up close on the rope to Woman. Woman manages to shoo away the crow, just, but Crow flies for a moment and then lands down the rope further where the women cannot reach.
Crow adds a “Guilt” label and bounces up and down on the rope. Making the rope’s weight just so

[Chorus 2:35]

Man walks up and again lovingly gestures an offer of help to hold the rope.
Woman accepts this time, to the man’s delight.
Man walks around rope onto stage and facing the audience takes his jacket off and puts it on a chair’s back that is on the stage.

[Verse 3:02]

Man takes hold of the end of the rope for the women, who still hesitantly at first starts to let go.
Once Man is fully holding the rope, Woman goes over and grabs Crow off the puppeteers hand and
marches over and throws it backstage. The crow lets out a ‘waaaaaa’ as it flies, thrown, off stage.
Puppeteer, dejected and no longer with puppet, leaves the stage.
Woman pulls off the ‘iIl effects’ under each of the signs and returns to find the rope much lighter.
Women thanks the Man, with a fist bump, and fully takes the rope again.

Man steps in front of th r rope and walks to the middle and revelas "I AM." on his back.
The stage hand, and Woman bow, lowering the rope, and Man gets his jacket.

[‘Call me’ fade 3:26]

Man puts his jacket on and stands and looks around each area of the audience for a moment, balcony and camera’s too, and then after a moment, gestures and mouths “Call me”.

Puts on dark glasses, and raises collar (maybe??), and confidently walks out the church.

[Ends 4:15]


Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 13, 2021


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