That’s Not Fair [an adult’s children’s story skit]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 27, 2021

[Jesus loves me plays on the  piano as the several narrator children line up across stage, each holding a book, and will read a line each after each other]
Hello adults! It’s now time for your story. 
So please sit quietly and keep your hands to yourselves. 
Unless you’re married, then you can hold hand.
Have you all had a good week, not at school?
Now do you remember when you were a child, it seemed like many things were unfair.
  • You had to eat your peas, when all you wanted was chips
  • You had to clean your room when all you wanted to do was play
  • You had to go to bed when everyone else could stay up
  • Your little brother or sister broke the toy that you were forced to share with them
  • Or maybe all your friends had a colour TV, when yours was black and white.
At the time you probably thought “I can’t wait to become an adult. THEN things will be fair.”
But then one day you DID become an adult.
You had such high hopes
At last, your world was to be fair!
But it didn’t take long for you to realize, life STILL wasn’t fair!
  • Like the time you sold your shares the week before they doubled in price.
  • And the time You were pulled over for speeding when a car going twice as fast wasn’t seen by the Police
  • And then there’s how your sister’s newborn baby sleeps through the night, while yours were lucky to keep their eyes closed for a sneeze.
  • And that time Larry got the job promotion over you, even though you’re better qualified
  • And as for your hair, why is it that YOUR hair has turned grey, or started receding, while all your school classmates still have thick dark hair
But then again,
If you look carefully
Maybe this also goes backwards,
And YOU’RE the one not fair: 
[start reading from the end, in the reverse direction of the line now]
  • Maybe YOU kept your shares, when your friends sold the week before they doubled in price. That’s not fair.
  • And maybe you avoided being caught excessively speeding while someone else who accidentally crept over the limit was fined. That’s not fair either.
  • Maybe your newborn baby slept through the night, while your sister’s didn’t. That’s not fair.
  • And that time you got the job promotion over Larry, even though he was better qualified. That’s not fair.
  • And as for your hair, so thick and dark compared to your classmates. That’s definitely not fair.
So even after becoming an adult, life remains unfair.
In fact, maybe one of the only truly fair things in life, is that we all die.
Hooray!.... What?
Hang on HANG ON!!! It stays here Jesus died so that we can all live.
Now THAT’s not fair! 
[All] No…. that’s love!
[all snap their books shut at the same time, Jesus loves Me chorus starts up on the piano and kids walk off]


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