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Apr 3, 2021

Three Days - an Easter Drama

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - April 3, 2021

( Backing music: https://youtu.be/dfGGiPnUlys )

Friday Dismay

[James is crouching on stage, Simon approaches not noticing him]

James: PSSST, Simon, over here!

Simon: James? Is that you?

James: Yeah, come here

Simon: It’s so dark this afternoon!

James: [short embrace] Get down. Where have you been?

Simon: I hid down the valley overnight. Man that mob was possessed last night… but you obviously got away.

James: Yeah, good to see you.

Simon: What’s happening up there?

James: They’re about to try and put teacher on a cross.

Simon: What?

James: SSSHHHH!! Keep it down.

Simon: How have they still got him? I mean surely he’s going to go that thing where he just walks through an angry mob.

James: Mmmm, not yet. He’s been beaten real bad though.

Simon: Really? Teacher. What are you doing?…
Should we go and help him?

James: Nah, He’ll do his power thing and take the throne, you’ll see. No point in being killed the hours before he sets us all free, is there!.

Simon: Yeah, good call.

[nails banging in FX, Disciples slowly look at each other and turn pale]

Simon: They’re not…

[mob cheers FX, Disciples gasp in horror as they can (pretend) see Jesus now from their vantage point, raised on the cross]

James: Oh… My Lord!

Simon: Come on master. Come down - show your power.

James: What’s he waiting for?

Simon: Call upon your angels. Common!

[Jesus words FX]

Simon: What did he say? What did he say!?

James: “Father… Into your hands I commit…[heart breaks] …I commit my spirit”

[Earthquake sub-woofer rumble FX (in each broadcast room), Disciples look horrified and despair and sink down in disbelief]

Simon:  Master?

James: He’s gone.

Simon: No, he can’t be

James: He’s gone!

Simon: No, it’s impossible.

James: He’s Dead, Simon. Jesus is Dead.

Simon: I don’t understand. But what about the kingdom? What about the plan to save us? What’s going on James?

James: I don’t know!

Simon: What’s happening?

James: I DON'T KNOW!... Let’s get out of here, or we’ll be next!

Sabbath Mourning

[Both walk down different isles and meet on the stage and, with no words, break into a long sobbing embrace as they meet. After several seconds, they compose a little and squat next to each other miserably]

Simon: You ok?

James: [shakes head]

Simon: Me neither

James: I can’t believe he’s gone

[silence a few seconds]

Simon: Where did they put him?

James: Joseph of Arimathea, put him in his own tomb.

[silence a few seconds]

James: Did you hear about Judas

Simon: Yeah. Serves him right, the slithering snake.

[silence a few seconds]

Simon: So, what do we do now

[silence a few seconds]

James: It’s over.

Simon: It’s over?

James: It’s over. [pause] I can’t believe we fell for it. Messiah, yeah right.

Simon: But… everything He did?

James: What does it matter now. He’s dead, there is no new kingdom. We’re all alone! [stands up]

Simon: Whe’re you going?

James: I’m going to find a job

Simon: But… it’s Sabbath?

James: What does it matter anymore?

Simon: But God says...

James: [aggressively cuts off] GOD IS  DEAD!

[pause for a moment and then Hurries off, Simon slowly too after a few moments]


Sunday Funday

[Music starts. A disciple starts at the balcony of the youth hall, another in the side door of the main hall (if used else on the balcony - walking down to the edge and calling HE’S ALIIIVE!) Both work their way to the main church, calling loudly to everyone they pass “He’s alive!!” over and over while they head to the main church. Both end up in main church, meeting on stage with a jumping Embrace of joy, singing
“He’s aliiiive, aliiive. Jesus is Aliiiive!”.]

James: AUGH! This changes everything! EVERYTHING!

Simon: Yeah! He’s invincible!

James: Yeah. If they can’t kill him, then nothing can stop him.

Simon: Well, technically they did Kill him.

James: True, but not for long!! HAHA “take that, Romans” 

Simon: Pharisees

James: Saaaaadducees

Simon: Yeah… “Sad disease”

James: Oh, Teacher had us going there for a while!

Simon: Yeah, Sure did, I thought he was a goner!

James: Yeah, me too.

Simon: Why did he do that!

James: Way, way, wait...

Simon: What?

James: Three days….

Simon: What’s happening in three days?

James: No… three days… I get it! I get it!

Simon: What?

James: Rebuild the temple in three days…. The sign of Jonah!

Simon: Oh… yeah! This was the way! It was always the way!

James: No, He IS the way!

Simon: We gotta find Thomas, he’s NEVER going to believe this!

James: Haha. Let’s go – “HE’s ALIVE!!!!” [repeated all the way out]


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