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May 23, 2021

Working together to help others [children's story]


Today I’d like your help to have my picture drawn.

My wife is away this weekend and I thought it would be nice to have a nice picture of myself I can give her so next time she goes away she can take the picture to remember how hansom I am.

I’d use a photo but thought if we do a drawing I can have some extra hair added.

I have the things you’ll need to draw me in this box.

(Clipboard, paper, blunt pencil, pencil sharpener.)


Ok who would like to draw me?

Take just take one thing only.

Ok stand there and draw.

Ok go stand over here, we’ll try someone else who might have more experience.

Just one thing


So I’m sure I brought all the things needed to draw a picture


What can we do??

Work together?!!


Let me pose again.

Give me a little extra hair?

Thank you so much. Put these things back in the box.

Today the man who is going to speak to the grown ups works for and organisation called ADRA. And he and his team of workers find out who needs help and then they organise people who have the skills or equipment or money and they all work together to help people.

What do you think are the kind of things people might need help with to make their life better?

  • food to eat,
  • houses were destroyed from a flood, or fire, or earthquake or storm.
  • don’t have any clean water to drink or wash in, and they build them a well.
  • build a school for children who don’t have a school to learn and play at.
  • build a toilet. Imaging if your school didn’t have a toilet!


So this man doesn’t have all the money and supplies and skills to do all this, but he helps find people with money, or equipment or clothes to donate, or skills to do special tasks.

There are a lot of people who need help in the world, for things far worse than hairloss!

By working together we can make a bigger difference than if we try and do it on our own.

Thank you girls and boys -

Oh, did you want to see the picture that was drawn of me?

Here you go

[Holds up a printed picture of Hugh Jackman]


You probably can!

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