Social Justice Children’s Story

(Story concept - incomplete)

Pretend I have a shop and I have some work that needs doing, and I will pay my workers who help me.

Let me choose two workers

 (Pays three coins to the stereotypically ‘unprivileged’ each time and one coin to the ‘privileged’.)

 Let me check my payment guide

One wearing shoes, one not

One long hair, one not

One tall, one not

One young, one, not

One boy, one not

One white, one not

One born in Australia, one not


Now was that fair? I paid every single person immediately for their work.

No? What wasn’t fair?

Some people in the world think so. So I’m just following what they think. It works out cheaper for me too!

So now it’s now time to buy some food for your families. Who likes food?

Everyone stand up and line up at my shop so you can buy your family some food.


Everything in my shop costs two coins.

Come past one at a time with your coins and then sit down with your food.

So how come you kids haven’t bought anything for your family to eat. Don’t you care about your family?

Not enough coins? Have you been lazy?

What could we do to fix this?

(Those with a coin left give it to those who haven’t bought yet.)

Another option? We could have also paid the same amount to everyone who did the same job to begin with. If you’re doing the same work with the same ability you should have an equal opportunity to earn the same money.

You know, some of the adults in the world have made things unfair just like I did today. People are treated differently based on if they are boys or girls, or if their skin colour is black or white or maybe if their family wasn’t born here.

The good news is there are adults trying to fix this and now make things fairer then they have been in the past.

But if they don’t manage to it it, I really hope when you get older you’ll treat everyone fairly, and also encourage others to do so too.

And, just like your parents may do, you can share some of the money you earn with those in the world who don’t have even enough money to buy their family food.


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