Praying Puppet (How do you talk to God?)

  Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - June 19, 2021

[Designed to have as many, or few (2), participants as needed]

Reece: Hey, do you know God’s phone number?

Phone number?

Reece: Yeah, I’ve got a question I want to ask God

Umm, no, God doesn’t have a phone number.

Reece: Oh, ok then.

Reece: Hey, do you know God’s email address?

Email address?

Reece: Yeah, I want to ask God a question

Umm, God doesn’t have an email address

Reece: Oh, ok then.


Reece: Hey, do you know God’s postal address?

Postal address?

Reece: Yeah, I want to ask God a question.

Umm no, God doesn’t have a postal address

Reece: Oh ok.


Reece: Hey do you know God’s Facebook account ?


Reece: Yeah I want to ask Him a question.

Umm God doesn’t have a Facebook account.


[now rapid fire, as written]

Reece: What about Instagram? (No)

WhatsApp? (No)

Twitter? (No)

Linkedin? (No)

MySpace? (No)

I C Q? (No)

Fax number? (No)

More code station? (No)

Semaphore sequence? (No)

Carrier pigeon route? (No)

Smoke signal mountain? (No)


Well this is ridiculous, how am I supposed to get in contact with God to ask my question?

Chris: You just gotta pray?

Reece: Pray?

Chris: Yeah!

Reece: How do you Pray?

Chris: Well, usually people just close their eyes and just start talking.

Reece: Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks...

Umm, Chris,

Chris: Yes Reece,

Reece: Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you didn’t have a blinking function sewn into your head, and were unable close your eyes. Does that mean you can’t pray?

Chris: Sure you can, you can pray with you eyes open, and even without speaking out loud. You just start talking to God, and He’ll hear you.

Reece: Oh, right! Cool, thanks.

Just start talking... Well, here goes...

“Dear God, I have a question for you... so if you could just give me your phone number so I can contact you, that would be great. Thanks!”

Thanks Chris. All done. I left a message. See ya.

 [Chris stares at Reece leaving and turns to audience and shakes head, then leaves]


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