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Jun 20, 2021

The Proposal (a fun act for a wedding)

   Performance: Martin and Girlie's wedding reception - June 20, 2021


#### Actor part ###


M: Hello Girlie

G: Hello Martin

M: You’re looking beautiful today.

G: Thank you, Martin.... and so are you!

M: Hey Girlie.

G: Yes Martin.

M: We’ve known each other since we first met.

G: Yes Martin.

M: And it feels like we are destined for each other, Girlie.

G: Yes Marty?

M: So.... will you marry me, Girlie?

G: Oh, yes, Marty!

M: Are you serious?

G: Oh, kiss me Marty....

Director: CUT!!!!!!

Jun 19, 2021

Praying Puppet (How do you talk to God?)

  Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - June 19, 2021

[Designed to have as many, or few (2), participants as needed]

Reece: Hey, do you know God’s phone number?

Phone number?

Reece: Yeah, I’ve got a question I want to ask God

Umm, no, God doesn’t have a phone number.

Reece: Oh, ok then.

Reece: Hey, do you know God’s email address?

Email address?

Reece: Yeah, I want to ask God a question

Umm, God doesn’t have an email address

Reece: Oh, ok then.


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