Disloyal Puppet [a children's story puppet play on loyalty (and subtly Adultry)]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - July 10, 2021

Teacher: Hello girls and boys! Today I want to talk to you about loyalty. Loyalty is where you keep supporting a team, friend or partner - even when things are a little difficult, or you think you see a better option.

Child: That’s it! I’m going for the other team!

Teacher: Hello Reece. What’s going on?

Child: Oh, hi aunty Rachel. My teams losing again. So I think I’ll start cheering for the other team now.

Teacher: What? Just because your team’s losing you’re going to change teams?

Child: Actually, I like the colour of the other team’s tops better too.

Teacher: Wait, how long have you been following your team?

Child: Oh… most of my life, I think. I used to think they were the greatest.

Teacher: You shouldn’t just change teams because one day you think another team is better than yours, or you’re losing one game.

Child: …and they have better jumpers.

Teacher: But what about when this other team loses, like last week – I’m pretty sure they lost. Would you change teams again?

Child: Hmm. Maybe??

Teacher: Really?

Child: What colour tops did they have?

Teacher: Um, blue, but…

Child: I love blue! I think I’ll follow them. What’s their team name?

Teacher: Wait, now you’re changing again?

Child: Yeah why not? If I see a team I like better - I can follow them, can’t I?

Teacher: Well, you could…

Child: There you go

Teacher: But you’re not showing any loyalty

Child: What’s loyalty?

Teacher: It’s when you choose to continue to like someone, or a team, above others, EVEN when you decide they are no longer as attractive as some of the other options around you.

Child: But why not change teams now that I’ve seen a better team?

Teacher: If you change teams just because you see a better team one day, that’s actually quite selfish and shallow. There will ALWAYS better teams appearing, but there is no honour in changing teams so easily. It’s not fair on your original team either.

Child: So, you’re saying I can never ever change teams?

Teacher: Look, if the team you were supporting was cheating, or became violent, then yes, it could be for the best to stop supporting your original team, but usually, you should just keep giving your support and at some stage you’ll start winning again, And it will be so much sweeter!

Child: I guess, but what if my team is closed down and no longer exist. Does that mean I can no longer follow any team - if I need to be loyal.

Teacher: That would be very sad. I think after a bit of time you could probably pick a new team, if you found one you really liked.

Child: Oh. So, what do I do then, if my team keeps losing? It’s not much fun.

Teacher: How about instead of leaving them, you write a letter of encouragement to them. Maybe that will inspire them to train harder and they will start winning again.

Child: Hmmm, ok. I guess it will be cheaper too

Teacher: Cheaper?

Child: I don’t have to buy a new team hat each time I swap.

Teacher: Oh, I see. That would be a bonus benefit for not changing teams, yes.

Child: Ok, thanks aunty Rachel. I’ll go write a letter to them, and tell them I still support them and hope they can start winning again soon.

Teacher: Good work.
Loyalty: it’s supporting a team, friend or partner - even when things are a little difficult, or you think you see a better option. Loyalty.


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