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Sep 4, 2021

Focused Father [a COVID-closure era skit on fathers leading by example with their church involvement]

  Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Sept 4, 2021

 [an action movie voice over man speaks, and we see a puzzled Dad who can here this mystery voice]

This is a Dad


[looks up from paper]


He’s a focused Dad




He’s REAL focused


-Whos’ there?


He’s focused on Sport!

He’s focused on Work!

He’s focused on Food!

He’s focused on his Hobby. STAMP COLLECTING!


-No I'm not.



But he’s not focused on Church.




He’s so focused on other things, he hasn’t been to church in months.




His family sees how unfocused on church he is

And they haven’t been to church either!


-Now wait a minute


He’s leading his family astray

If he was more focused on Church, his family would follow his example

- Hey mate, church is closed due to COVID!? 

He’s got excuses, for not going to church

But he should be watching church online. With his family


- But I do


He’s not watching church online

- It’s Thursday

He doesn't contribute to church

- I’m sure I sent a video in for this week's service

He’s doesn’t give his offerings 

- we have a recurring payment set up on egiving

What house number is this? 

- Me and my house, are Number 7 

I’m sorry I have the wrong Dad.

- ok, then

This conversation is OVER


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