Ideas for Writing Christian Dramas, Skits and Plays

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This page is an under constitution and will be filled with general ideas to help you decide on the style and setting to write a play on your topic.


  • Characters talking
  • Monologue of character direct to audience
  • Puppet play
  • Mime synced to music dynamics to tell an emotional story
  • External Voice over describing actions, like documentary
  • Commentator describing actions, like sports commentary
  • Conscience voice over of what character is thinking
  • Twists:
    • was all a dream. Use sparingly. Good for showing a 'what if' alternate story line that differs from what we know actually historically happened.
    • mislead the audience. Have a setting different to the actual story, but works as an analogy - and have an obvious "Ah-Ha" moment towards the end which reveals the mirrored story and makes people realize what everything actually represented in what they just saw.  EG. A kid dropped off on a plane by the dad and an air hostess looking after them and in the end are PPUUSSHHEDD our the door - and they were actually in a womb - not a plane!
  • What if things were/happened differently to a well known situation/story?
  • Revealing/hiding words/letters as story unfolds
  • Have same character/concept cross into multiple plays over the year (eg Fathers day and Mothers day)


  • Job interview
  • Councilor session 
  • Office cubical
  • Desert island, Jungle
  • Car, Ship, Train, Plane, Bus, Submarine, Spaceship
  • Alien planet
  • Auction
  • Womb
  • Jail cell
  • Wedding, Funeral
  • Roller coaster
  • Church


  • Lost 
  • Worried
  • Reminiscing
  • Doing the opposite


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