"God promises to guide and prosper us in all our daily living" [Putting Bad Theology on Trial Sermon Drama Series 2/4]

To play out like a courtroom scene, immediately before a sermon that God doesn't promises to guide and prosper us in all our daily living. A sermon unpacking misconceptions on applying OT verses directly to our lives (like Jeremiah 29:11) without understanding context first) eg God does not plan every aspect of our daily lives, just the overall goal, which ultimately is our salvation, whereas we are responsible for the regular daily decisions which, however, might get overridden by someone else’s free will if it crosses ours.

This is one of four dramas for a "Putting Bad Theology on Trial" Sermon Series:

  1. You can’t be sure of your salvation
  2. God promises to guide and prosper us in all our daily living
  3. Reverence must mean silence
  4. God will never allow more trials than we can handle.


Judge: OK, our first case for the morning is a child’s complaint against their parents.
It looks like they are seeking replace their mother because last week she did not make their bed for them.
Would the child please take to the stand and deliver their statement.

Child: Thank you, your honour. Ever since I can remember, my mother has always made my bed, she did a lovely job and was consistent and I had no doubts that each day my bed would be made for me - ready for me to jump into at the end of a hard day at school.
However, last week, and on my Birthday I might add, she didn’t not make my bed. ON MY BIRTHDAY! Of all days when I should get special attention, my mother chooses NOT to make my bed!
My friends came home from school with me for a party and, walking into my bedroom – there is my bed with blankets in complete chaos. It was an utter embarrassment to me. I tried making the bed hastily myself, but as you can imagine, I was not very skilled in this matter and it was a complete disaster. Now, my mother will have known it was my birthday, and my friend were coming around, and also that I would not be very skilled in making my bed. It’s just outrageous this lack of attention from my on mother. Surely my mother could continue to make my bed for the final few years of my stay in the family home, after all - I’m clearly unable to make the bed very well myself. And so, given that she has not made my bed, in the days after my birthday either – I would like to have my mother replaced with another mother that truly cares about all aspects of my life, and doesn’t ignore the little details.

Judge: Thank you. Would the defendant please take to the stand and deliver their Statement.

Parent: Your honour, it is true that I made my daughter’s bed all though her childhood. Every day without ceasing. I love my child and that is why I did this, and many other things, as she grew older. However, upon turning 18 she no longer remained a little child, and my focus shifted to prepare her for leaving the house. Thus, I ceased making my child’s bed on the midnight before her 18th birthday. I believe it is time for my child to learn, and I’m more than happy to teach, so they will have a brighter future and be able to make beds for their children in the future. I appreciate my child might feel abandoned, but the intention is for a long-term benefit.
Finally, I must mention that nothing would hurt me more than losing the joy of being the mother of my child. It would truly break my heart. But I acknowledge that if that’s what my child wants, then, so be it. But I’ll always be here for her.

Judge: Thank you. So, child, it is clear to me that this is not for the court to decide but yourself as to whether you keep your mother or go and seek an alternative. I would recommend you stay, as you mother clearly loves you and wants the best long term outcome for you, but this is ultimately your choice. Please take this matter and think it over seriously. Dismissed.

[Child leaves – a little unimpressed] 

Judge: OK, our next case is an accusation that God is not keeping his promises of protection. The party lodging this complaint couldn’t be here today for they are in hospital after having a large rock they were carrying drop on their foot. So, I shall read the complaint, and then allow for the defendant to respond.
It says:
"Your honour, Apologies I could not be in court to testify in person. But the fact that I can not be there only strengthens my case against this God who claims He will protect his believers.
In Psalm 91, verse 9 to 12 it clearly says:
If you make the LORD your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home.
For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.
They will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.
I am declaring this to be a lie. For I have been a strict follower of God since I can remember. I never smoke or swear, and neither have I ever swum on a Sabbath day - and the mere smell of barbecuing bacon makes me fall on my knees to pray for cleansing. However, looking back, many times have I stubbed my toe on all sorts of things. And according to this Bible text, this should not happen to his followers at all. To top it off, last week, while carrying a stone to put in my prayer garden in my front yard, I accidentally drop it right on my foot, breaking 25 and a half bones in my foot! While I still believe in God, I would like to have the Bible corrected and remove all verses about protection for his followers, for that is clearly not true and make us the laughing stock of everyone."
There ends the statement. Would the defendant please take to the stand and deliver their Statement.

Preacher: Thank you your honour. I would like to put it to the jury that the defendant is not understanding the broader context of what the Bible texts actually mean…

Judge: [interrupts early on] Is this going to take a while? I think I’ll pop of for a nap, for I didn’t sleep well last night - my bed became untucked and I got cold as the doona slipped off. Gall me when you’re done.


Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Oct 14, 2023


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