The Armour of God [script where balloons are used in the story]


  • Narrator
  • Evil One
  • PF 1 belt
  • PF 2 breastplate
  • PF 3 shoes
  • PF 4 shield
  • PF 5 helmet
  • PF 6 sword

(Scene: The children are gathered at the front of church. The Narrator stands in front
of them.)
Narrator: Who knows who wrote the book of Ephesians in the Bible? It was Paul!
Ephesians is the name for people who lived in a city called Ephesus. Paul knew that
the Ephesian Christians had to be strong and courageous to face the challenges that
would happen to them in their lives. He used the example of wearing armour, which
the Ephesians would have seen the Roman soldiers wearing, to teach them about
how to protect themselves from the evil one.
Today we’re going to look at this Armour of God that Paul talks about and what it all
represents so it can help you stay strong against the evil one.
Now we need a tall helper. (Choose an older child – at least 8 years old?)
Are you afraid of balloons? GREAT, because we going to use some balloons the
Pathfinder have learnt to twist to represent the Armour of God.
The first piece of armour is the Belt of Truth. It holds everything together and
reminds us to always speak the truth, as well as trusting in God as the source of

(PF 1 makes the belt and puts it on the selected child.)
PF 1: The Belt of Truth! To keep you grounded and help you live with honesty and
Narrator: The second piece of armour is the Breastplate of Righteousness. The
righteousness that comes from Jesus covers and protects us. It guards how we
think, feel and act.
(PF 2 makes the breastplate and holds it up, and/or puts it on the selected child.)
PF 2: The Breastplate of Righteousness! To keep your heart full of goodness and
protect you from evil.

Narrator: The third piece of armour is the Shoes, which are the Gospel of Peace.
We can have peace because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. They help us
spread this good news to others wherever we go.
 (PF 3 makes the shoes and puts them on the selected child.)
PF 3: The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace! To help take you out to share the good
news with everyone you meet.
Narrator: The fourth piece of armour is the Shield of Faith. It protects us from the
fiery arrows of the Evil One.
(PF 4 makes the shield and puts it on the selected child.)
PF 4: The Shield of Faith! To help defend you from the attacks of the Evil One and
keep you safe.
Narrator: The fifth piece of armour is the Helmet of Salvation. It protects our minds
and helps us remember that we are loved by God and that Jesus has saved us.
(PF 5 makes the helmet and holds it up, and/or puts it on the selected child.
PF 5: The Helmet of Salvation! To help keep your thoughts pure and focused on
God's love.
Narrator: And finally, the sixth piece is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of
God – which is…..? (the Bible!)
(PF 6 makes the sword and gives it to the selected child.)
PF 6: The Sword of the Spirit! To help you fight against the lies of the Evil One with
the truth of God's Word.
Narrator: The Ephesians learned the importance of wearing the Armour of God
every day. They understood that it wasn't a physical armour, made out of metal, or
even balloons, but a spiritual one that would protect their hearts and minds form the
evil one, who lurks around, looking for people he can steal from God’s family.
(Scene: The Evil One enters the stage, trying to tempt the children.)
Evil One: (Slyly) Helloooo child. Sssssay, it must be hard to walk around
dressssssed like that. You don't neeeed that ssssssilly armour. Take is off and come
and have some fffffunnnnn with meeeee!
All PF: (Stand in a semi-circle around armour kid) Not so fast! The Armour of God is
protecting them from your lies and tricks.
(Each PF that made the piece of the armour steps forward and recites their role.)
Helmet: The Helmet of Salvation is helping protect their mind!

Breastplate: The breastplate of righteousness is helping protect their heart!
Belt: The Belt of Truth is helping hold everything together!
 Shoes: The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace are helping them spread God's love!
Shield: The Shield of Faith is helping them defend against your evil!
Sword: The Sword of the Spirit will fight back at your evil lies with the truth of God's
Narrator: The Evil One realizes that it will be very difficult to overcome the children
with the Armour of God protecting them.
Evil One: (Frustrated) I will not givvvvve up on you, childrennnnnnn!
(PFs stand together with children, holding hands.)
PFs: With the Armour of God, we are strong!
Narrator: And that, my friends, is how the armour of God protects you and helps you
to keep choosing what is good and right, and to follow God's path.
Thanks kids. Thank you Pathfinders! (PFs take a bow while arms linked.)



  • Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church, 2023



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