Jingle Beans [Mr Bean christmas script]

Assistant sets up chairs, stands, music, Trumpet on stand.

  • Bean walks past, notices instruments at a glance.
  • Comes back intrigued at trumpet, looks around and sits down.
  • Pulls out teddy and shows.
  • Puffs out cheeks, showing off to teddy, then gives teddy turn
  • Plays with valves, then gives teddy turn jumping on valves
  • Says “hello” in bell, Teddy falls in bell and is wedged in.
  • Violinist comes out and trumpeter. Trumpeter, ignored by bean and they walk away confused.
  • Jingle Bells chorus played by violin and stops waiting for trumpet “Hey”, but muted by Teddy, Bean confused but finds teddy and pulls out, and mouthpiece falls out while removing teddy
  • Misses next hey, because no mouth piece, gives verbal “hey”
  • Jingle bells verse played, Bean chases mouthpiece beneath chairs. Buzz “hey” under chair with mouthpiece.
  • Back to chair, inconveniently in between stands and player.
  • Last Hey is ‘fart sound’ - amusing Bean but not violinist.
  • 12 days of Christmas (or Deck the halls) played by violinist
  • Bean gets bored after a while, starts shaving face and forehead, and nose - but get;s stuck on nose hair.
  • After pulled out, noes is left tickled, and hints at sneeze - that goes away temporarily.
  • Sneezes, no tissue, hints at using teddy to wipe noes but aborts, sneaks sheet of music from violinist.Blows noes long an loud, and puts in pocket.
  • Violin gets near end of song and runs out of music mid musical phrase, looks for it.
  • Bean looks around then realizes the music in hsi pocket, hesitantly hands scrunched music from pocket, violinist takes, Bean sneaks off, violinist squeals and leaves..

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Christmas Social - Dec 9, 2023


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