Bring Your Gifts [christmas drama about using your gifts for God]

[Bob and Darron come down opposite isles and meet in middle of stage.]

BOB: Hey Dazza!! Merry Christmas! 

DARRON: Hi Bob! Merry Christmas to you, too!  

BOB: Haven’t seen you at church in ages! 

DARRON: Yeah, how have you been? 

BOB: Great, and you? 

DARRON: Ok. What you up to for Christmas?

BOB: Well, I just picked up another car to restore over the holidays actually. 

DARRON: Oh really? What did you get this time? 

BOB: A go-ggo mobil, actually! 

DARRON: A what? 

BOB: Go-ggo mobil. 


BOB: It’s in good nick, I just have to work on the engine and I’ll have it G, O, G-G, O-ing in no time! 

DARRON: You’re an amazing mechanic. Is there anything you can’t get running? 

BOB: Ha, so far so good. I guess I’m just gifted in that area - but don’t ask me to sing!
How about you? What are you up to for Christmas?

DARRON: We were planning on going down to Melbourne to see Mum. She hasn’t been very well lately. Unfortunately our car’s motor is out of action at the moment, and I just don’t have the funds to take it to a mechanic right now. So we’ll probably be staying home. 

BOB: What car have you got? 

DARRON: An old Tarago. 

BOB: Oh, I had one of them once. I tell you, I spent hours on our Tarago, I reckon I could still teardown and reassemble a Tarago engine in my sleep!... Those were the days.
Well, I gotta run. I’m busting to get into the garage. Nice to see you though. Hope you find a way to get your car fixed for Christmas. Actually… I tell you what…. [pause]  I’ll remember you in my prayers. 

DARRON: Thanks, Bob.
[Bob and Daron leave opposite sides to they came. Child takes to stage]

Bob has a gift, but he’s not using it for Jesus.
Don’t be like Bob.
Be wise. Bring your gifts to Jesus.
I tell you: whatever you do for your brothers and sisters, you do for Jesus.

Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church -  December 23, 2023  


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