Joseph Forgives [a modern day script of Joseph fogiving his brothers]

Narrator: competent and clear
Joe: Most general lines
Dad: one line
Brothers (and/or sisters) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6:  have lines.
Extras:  Can be added for participation as brothers or sisters.

NARRATOR: There once was a family in New Zealand that had many children.

[family walks in one at a time, spaced out a little between each other as they enter the room, taking turns saying hello as they enter.]

ALL: Hello, hello hello, hello….

NARRATOR: This big family had a sheep skin business. They made all sorts of things from sheep skin.

1.    I make sheep skin jackets
2.    I make sheep skin pants
3.    I make sheep skin hats
4.    I make sheep skin shoes
5.    I make sheep skin scarves
6.    I make sheep skin swimmers

NARRATOR: There was one brother that didn’t make anything, but he had lots of ideas that he loved to share with his family.

JOE: Hey guys, what about sheep skin letterbox?


NARRATOR: But the rest of the family never liked any of Joes ideas.

1.    Don’t be stupid!

JOE: Hey guys, what about a sheep skin frying pans

2.    No! 

JOE: Hey guys, what about a sheep skin contact lenses

3.    No! You are so annoying.
4.    Just go away and stop bothering us!

NARRATOR: One day the brothers got so tired of Joe they planned to do something bad to him.

5.    Here comes that dreamer!
6.    He’s so annoying! I wish we could get rid of him.

JOE: Hi guys! Hey, have you thought about sheep skin toothpaste?

1.    Get him! Let’s tie him up!

[group grab him and tie him up]

JOE: Hey! What are you doing? We’re family!

2.    Let’s throw him down that big drain!
3.    Yeah! Then we’ll never have to hear any silly ideas from him ever again!
4.    We can tell dad a wild animal killed him.
5.    Wait, wait… there’s a boat going to Australia! Let’s send him there!
6.    Yeah, good idea! I heard that’s where they send people who are annoying.

NARRATOR: So Joe was put on the boat, and sent away to Australia so they would never have to hear from him again.
Now, many years later, COVID came and the family ran out of toilet paper. They could not find any toilet paper to buy for their large family in any shops. Then the Dad said.

DAD: I have heard that there is toilet paper in Australia. Go down there and buy some for us so that we may live, and not die a smelly death.

NARRATOR: So they went to Australia. When they arrived at the toilet paper factory, it was Joe who met them - for the very first time since he was tied up and sent him to Australia.
Only they didn’t recognise Joe’s face, for he was wearing a mask, and they didn’t recognise Joes voice, for he now had an Australian accent.

JOE: G’day mates. Fancy some dunny rolls?

NARRATOR: When Joe arrived in Australia, he started working as warehouse worker at the toilet paper factory so he could earn enough money to buy a ticket home. But he kept getting promoted for being such a good worker, and he ended up the manager of the Toilet paper company, named: Wipe Down Under.
Joe recognised his family, and realised that they were in desperate need for some hygiene supplies. This was his chance to bring revenge, for he was the only one with toilet paper in the whole land.
He could send them away with nothing, and let them suffer in their bathrooms.
But Joe did not bring revenge on his family 

JOE: Hey, I am your brother Joe! The one you sent to Australia!

NARRATOR: The brothers were terrified to be in his presence, for they remembered what they did to Joe.

1.    Oh forgive us, Joe!
2.    We’re so sorry Joe!
3.    Yeah, you can share your ideas with us any time you like.

JOE: Really?

4.    Yes!

JOE: I forgive you guys! Let my staff load up your suit cases with loo paper, and while they do, we can talk about my latest idea: sheep skin toilet paper.

5.    Sound’s great, Joe!
6.    Thanks for your forgiveness, Joe!

NARRATOR: And from that day on, his brothers would regularly Facetime each other to talk sheep skin ideas.
And they all lived happily forgiven ever after.



  • Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Kids Church, March 23, 2024
  • SPD retreat talent night, March 26, 2024


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