...cancel that!

Performance: "The Gathering" - February 16, 2013
The brief given to Scott: A two part play on the days theme, "Be courageous in the year to come"
Finalist: 2013 Manifest Creative Arts Festival

“Mind” is read by an unseen reader as the conscience voice of a “mime” on stage who silently walks around a ‘lounge room’ after a days work

In Act 2, the script is repeated identically, except this time we can see a guardian angel following behind and radioing to heaven for assistance in the good choices being made – only to cancel them all as the ‘mind’ backs out each time.

Bible Heroes 2.oh [script]

A play for a large group, introducing a theme of "Bible Heroes" and how the Bible hero's power came from God.
Has a science fiction theme and a David and Goliath musical mime in the middle for a large cast. 

NOTE: This script can be adapted to be for only the two main characters only if all lines with references to David are removed.
This is a standalone script but also has a follow-up script with the two main characters called "Rule of Love" which talks about how it's better to lead with love, and not domination and revenge.



 - Zorg thinks he’s the biggest evil villain in the galaxy, somewhat overacting the role as a villain. Wears a cape

- X-on is a studious assistant, quite level headed and matter-of-fact about things. Wears a hat (for the gag in the script).

- Both can have outrageous ‘space’ attire/accessories if desired.


[Zorg is on stage, X-on enters]

X-on: Commander Zorg!

Zorg: Yes, what is it, X-on?

X-on: I bring disappointing news.

Zorg: Oh really, what is that? Has my spaceship been towed again?

X-on: No. It's those human Bible heroes we cloned from earth.

Zorg: Oh yes, my ingenious plan to rule the galaxy by re-birthing the greatest
ever heroes of all time. Has the cloning not worked as drafted?


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