Pick Me!

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - February 15, 2014
Brief: A short drama on the topic of  how Jesus noticed and ministered to the outcasts, the misfits and those in trouble. And set us an example to do the same.

[a row of 4 chairs, with an isle in the middle, simulating a train. Train sound fx throughout, empty train station image on the screen ]
[ train arrives]

A rough looking, 'homeless' person enters the train and sits on one side.

A obvious Bible holding person runs up and enters the train carrying a Bible, they ALMOST sit next to the homeless person, but realises 'just in time' to avoid and go sit on the opposite side of the train.

Jesus steps 'onto' the train. The Bible reader sees and gets all excited, clearing the spare seat next to them and dusting it off.
Jesus smiles and acknowledges as if to sit with them, but at the last minute sees the homeless person, and chooses to sit with them.

Bible carrier is a little perplexed at the shrug off, but still in awe and staring all the time.

[train leaves]

Jesus and homeless just sit, Jesus smiling, homeless person is a little confused at the attention. Bible reader still staring.

[ train arrives]

Jesus gets up to leave, invites homeless to come too saying "follow me, I am the bread of life". And they do.

Bible reader stares, mouth open in amazement at what just happened.

Just after leaving the train, Jesus tells the homeless person to wait and Jesus returns to the Bible reader, and turns their Bible around, now the right way up. And Jesus leaves with homeless person.

A second homeless person now enters the train with lots of plastic bags etc. The Bible reader pretended the seat next to them is occupied, so homeless sits in the same spot as other homeless did..

 [train leaves]

Bible reader stares and reads, now excited as if receiving new light.

Bible reader then looks at homeless person in minor disgust again, but gets a stunned realisation of what the Bible says to do, they look back at Bible, then homeless person, then Bible,

[ train arrives]

Bible reader gets up and asks them "Hungry?" They nod and invites them to come with them. They exit together, Bible carrier carrying some of their bags for them.

 [train leaves - empty]


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