Church Hospitality Made Easy 4: Community Interaction

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 22, 2014
A short drama to match a sermon about church members interacting with community members.
[Presenter] Welcome to chapter 413 of Church Hospitality made easy.  I’m your host, Ray Martin.
In this chapter we’re discussing how to create hospitality opportunities with your friends in the community.

There’s a variety of ways you can interact with your friends outside the church in a hospitable way.

For example, you can organise to go shopping together.

[Member 1] Hey wanna come shopping?
[Visitor agrees and is happy, starts to walk behind exiting Member 1]

[Presenter] But you may need to be opened to visiting a wider assortment of shops than you’re used to.

[Member 1] First we’ll go to the ABC, then to Word, followed by Koorong - if we’re lucky they’ll have restocked the Gather bargain bins. 
[Visitor looks puzzled and returns to centre of stage while member 2 leaves]
[Presenter] Perhaps you can play some sport together.

[Member 2] Hey wanna play some Tennis?
[Visitor agrees and accepts tennis racquet]

[Presenter] But remember to keep it friendly

[Member 2] We can recite a Bible promise each time we hit the ball.
[Visitor looks puzzled and hands back racquet, member leaves]

[Presenter] You could take up a hobby together

[Member 3] Hey, let’s start collecting something together
[Visitor agrees it’s a good idea]

[Presenter] Of course, make sure it something you’re mutually interested in.

[Member 3] I‘ve always wanted to collect water from church fonts all over Australia. I’ll go get some buckets.
[Visitor stands and lets out a bug huff as if ‘why is this happening to me’ as member 3 leaves]

[Presenter] Or you can simply invite them over for a hot drink or a meal?

[Member 1] Need a hot drink?
[Visitor definitely agrees, after all the bad fortune]

[Presenter] But there’s no need to give them a health lecture

[Member 1 – goes out the side room to get drinks, while saying:] Of course we don’t have any REAL coffee, I mean you might as well smoke a pack a day if you drink that stuff.
[visitor runs away, to save her tastebuds at this moment while member 1 continues]
Did you know, just one kilo of coffee a day is enough to [re-enters] . . . Hey, where’d she go?
[shrugs shoulders, takes a drink and shudders at the taste, then smiles again as if nothing happened and walks off]

[Presenter] Congratulations. You have completed the “creating hospitality opportunities” chapter.
In summary: While being hospitable to your friends outside of church is recommended, you don’t have to mention Jesus every time you meet.
In the next chapter we look at the do’s and don’ts of providing food for church lunches, including 10 reasons NOT to serve hot curries before a long afternoon program.
Thanks for watching, I’m Ray Martin.


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