Church Hospitality Made Easy 5: Deepening Relationships

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 29, 2014
A short drama to match a sermon about deepening relationships.

[Presenter] Welcome to the final chapter of Church Hospitality made easy, I’m your host, Ray Martin.
In this chapter we’re discussing how to deepen a relationship after you have made friends with someone through hospitality.

It’s easy to maintain a friendship and never connect any deeper than at a surface level.

[Member 1] How about the weather

[Presenter] True friendship is evident when you’re able to talk to your friends about their deep feelings

[Member 1] Hey, who do you think is cuter, Justin Bieber or Harry Styles?

[Presenter] But to truly befriend someone means sharing your own deep feelings too.

[Member 1] I’m a Justin Bieber girl, yeah baby.

[Member 2] No way, Harry Styles! As his name says, he’s go STYLE! I love the way he does his hair.

[Member 3] You guys are dreaming, Mick Jagger, HE’s cute

[Member 1] What? He’s like 100!

[Member 3] Yeah, but I just want to go up and pinch his wrinkles.

[Member 2] EEEW

[Presenter] But remember, creating close friendships takes time.

[Member 1] Still nothing to say?

[Member 2] Cat got your tongue?

[Member 3] Augh, let’s go get or tithe receipts, before the treasurer leaves.

[Visitor] Bye?

[Members all!] Huh, she CAN talk.

[Visitor - after they leave stage, shakes head in a tiresome way and looks to heaven for a moment and then walks off too.]

[Presenter] Congratulations. You have completed the “how to deepen relationships” chapter.
In summary, you should Ultimately remember one thing: whatever you do to the visitors in your church, and to your friends in the community, you are actually doing to Jesus himself.

This concludes our series on Church hospitality made easy.
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Thanks for watching, till next time, I’m Ray Martin.
[Visitor] [comes back out] God do I really have to do another series with these guys? Remind me why I’m dong this.

[God (voice-over)] Well, unfortunately not many people are making the choice to visit my church these days. And those few that DO build the courage to attend, well they have to put up with an assortment of things, just as you have in this video series. So you can imagine, how disappointed I am, after all the ground work is finally successful, and someone eventually visits under their own free will, and my followers ignore sharing simple hospitality with them.

[Visitor] Yea, I have seen a lot of that. I guess this is worth a shot.

[God] But don’t’ worry, you’ll have the last laugh.

[Visitor] I will

[God] Yeah, imagine the looks on their faces when they get to heaven and discover you’re actually one of my angels.

[Visitor] Yeah,

[God] Be strong

[Visitor] Yeah, thanks.


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