Where are you God?

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - October 11, 2014,
Castle Hill
Seventh-day Adventist Church - February 19, 2017
A moving drama on the topic "Where is God when things go wrong".
Covers the topics of why bad things happen to good people, why god doesn't answer prayer, if God is so loving why does he allow pain and suffering, the great controversy and doubt.

Set to the music of Greig's The Death of Ase
If you haven't 4 praying actors, divide the remaining prayers with the actors you do have, minimum 2, but keep the timing to the music.

Play the track (without the pause and edit): 

Act I 

(Before a sermon on "Where is God when things go wrong")

[Music stanza 1]

Parent enters, pauses, takes a deep breath, looks at their phone and slowly goes and sits almost centre of stage. Worried, checking phone, holding head.
[Music stanza 2]

Parent actor secretly starts 2 minute countdown timer on their phone so it rings later
Other prayers come in and greet parent with a hug and invite parent to kneel, in a semi-circle facing the audience, slightly to the audience's left of stage, to pray

[Music stanza 3]

Prayer 1: Dear Jesus, again we come to you, with humble hearts, pleading for your healing of Emma. You are the master creator, and Divine healer, and there is nothing you can not do. Please let today's operation be a success and an end to her suffering.

[Music stanza 4]

Prayer 2: Lord, we pray that, if it's your will, you will heal Emma from her brain tumour. At only 6 years old she has so much life ahead of her. Please, Lord, hear our prayers. Let the surgery, which is happening as we kneel here before you, be a success.

[Music stanza 5]

Prayer 3: Father in heaven, the Goodmen family are such an asset to our church and community. There is not a more loving, generous and cheerful family in our church. We know the dangers of Emma's operation are incredibly high, but pray that if you're willing, Emma will be able to walk and talk one again and no longer be in pain.

[Music stanza 6]

Prayer 4, enthusiastically: Almighty Father God, we know you can do anything. you are the alpha and omega, and you promise anything we ask in your name will be done. Thank you for hearings our prayers Lord. We leave Emma in your loving arms. And pray all these things humbly in Jesus' name. Amen.

[Music pauses ]

Parent's mobile starts to ‘ring’ with the old-style bell phone ring (not an amusing/distracting ringtone). Parent looks at the phone with two hands, slightly shaking, and after two-and-a-half rings they nervously answer - “Hello”. A slight pause, looks up blankly at the audience and breaks down into uncontrollable sobs. Soon after calling out "My child”.

[Edited music reruns towards the end of the song, having skipped three stanzas.]

The prayer on the right side of the parent comforts the parent and pulls up the parent and supports them as they exit.

Other prayer, who was on the left side of the prayer, remains kneeling, in shock, for a moment. Once others have left, they look up and call out "Where are you, God?" then gets up, thinks about following the others, but decides to walk off the other side of stage.


Act II 

(After a sermon on "Where is God when things go wrong")

Original cast act out once again identically, but with the following modifications:

[Music stanza 1]

Jesus walks on with parent, hand on shoulder, as the parent goes through an identical routine, then sit together. Parent/prayers do not know Jesus is there.

[Music stanza 2]

The greet and kneel is identical, Jesus stands in centre stage, beside the prayer circle, looking over them, hands folded in front, with his back to the audience's right side of stage.

[Music stanza 3]

The first prayer is prayed audibly. Jesus watches over it.

[Music stanza 4]

The Second prayer prays audibly, Jesus watches over it and Satan walks in from the audiences right side of stage, mysteriously pleased with what he sees, and watches on from a distance, out of view form Jesus. Satan is in an angels costume, but with a black belt, hands behind his back, relaxed. Jesus does let on that he knows he’s there behind him.

[Music stanza 5 ]

Prayers stop their audio after prayer 2 and begin to mime the rest of the drama.

After the music stanza plays a few seconds, Jesus, slowly addresses Satan, without turning or having acknowledged he entered the room:

Jesus: See how faithful my people are - even when you cause such suffering in their lives.

Satan: Yes, but you DO give your followers everything they want.

[Music stanza 6]

Jesus: [upset and slowly speaks] That's not true! You KNOW I don't stop all your plans for misery on my children! If there were another way to demonstrate the consequences of your evil ways, without suffering, it would be so.

(Mobile phone rings for parent, but mimes the "Hello" and sobs)

Satan chuckles at the sight.

Jesus, upset: "The ones you've made suffer, they will soon be justly compensated."

Jesus kneels down and hugs the crying parent on the other side - crying/upset also and calls out to Satan

Jesus: Your influence on this earth is almost over, Satan.

Jesus walks off hugging parent on opposite shoulder to the comforting prayer.
Satan remains at opposite stage exit.

Other prayer, who was on the left side of the prayer, remains kneeling, in shock, for a moment. Once others have left, they look up and call out "Where are you, God?" then gets up, thinks about following the others, but decides to walk off Satan's side of stage.

Devil grins and follows.


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