Got Jesus at the Heart?

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - August 2, 2014
A short skit on the theme of the acronym H.O.P.E.

(Note: This drama is essentially a squeal to the Got Love skit, and the 'whistle' reference is in relation to the  Major Encouragement skits.)

Mum and Scott walk in, Girl on stage seated already reading a My Edge Mag.

[Mum] Oh wonderful, we've beaten the Jones! Go take a seat down the front, where everyone will be able to see my new coat. I'll go see if there's any bread left over in the hall...

[Scott] Yes mum

[Scott sits, starts reading a bulletin, mutters to self] Hope. H. O. P. E.  OK?  H. H is for hospitality. Hospitality. Right. How can I be hospitalityish? Well, mum always says to offer our guests a drink, guess I could to that.

[Scott looks at Girl] Hi.........Wanna drink?

[Girl] Oh... ok, sure.

[Scott mutters] Great, now I need to get up go all the way out and grab a drink. I probably lose my seat. It was just getting warm too. She could have brought a drink bottle. How hard it is to bring a drink bottle. “Here you go”.

[Girl] Thanks so much!

[Scott] Yep. [mutters] You’d better not need to go to the bathroom in the sermon now.

[Girl] Pardon?

[Scott] Nothing. [continues reading]

O is for Outreach. Out reach. Out.......reach. Guess I could get some more of those letterbox cards. The previous cards came in real handy, to stop our kitchen table from wobbling.

P, is for pastoral care. Pastoral care, what does that mean? I need to care for.. the pastors? Yeah, well maybe when the pastors start caring for me I'll care for them. I don't know about the other 300 people who attend here, but I've only been visited once so far this year. They say nice things, ask questions, sound sincerer, but really, do they care? Maybe I should go around caring, show THEM how it's done. ... then again, it's not like I'm paid to care.

E, encouragement. Encourage-menT...... How does one bring encouragement? How can I encourage that girl over there? Encourage her to bring a drink bottle next time. Encouragement. Oh I know, I've got a whistle! [pulls out whistle]

[Mum re-enters] Son what are you doing with that whistle?

[Scott] Oh nothing mum.

[Mum] Come let’s sit up the back, there's a seat right in front of the Jones', they'll be able to see my hand painted periwinkle stitching if we sit right in front of them. Come on Son.

[ both start to walk out mid conversation]

Did you say hello to that girl? Offer to give her a drink, perhaps? You need a girlfriend you know.

[Scott] Yes mu.

[Girl up and leave also.]
Here's a video by my 6YO of its performance.


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