Christian Soldier

Brief: a short drama leading to a sermon on "The Christian response to war".
Written: Scott Wegener and the Edinburgh College drama class

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 2, 2015

Venue is set up with 4.2 sound:
- left, right and woofer at rear
- left, right and woofer at front.
There are two featured cast: Chris Christian and GI Joe neighbour.
Also required are two sound operators.

Chris enters slowly reading the Bible, and sits at a table with Weet-bix, SoGood and a bowl of breakfast, and puts Bible down and says a silent grace.

Chris, does three rhythmic tapping scrapes of the bowl - of which the third is the cue to start/sync both sound players - then keeps eating waiting the the sound fx to start

Sound FX begins with plane flying over from rear of church to front and a slightly delayed bomb rumble at rear then a louder blast, a second later, at the front. FX continue throughout with gunfire war sounds etc 

Chris looks up at the sound of plane, looks alarmed at first explosion and at second loud blast they (secretly) wobble the table, knocking over the Weet-bix and they scramble under the table.

Joe enters quickly, about 4 seconds after blast, holding two rifles 

[Joe] “Chris, Chris! Where are you? Are you alright?”

[Chris] "Yeah, what's going on out there?"

[Joe] Don't know, but whoever they are, we gotta take em out. 

Joe tries to hand over a gun to Chris but Chris hesitates, taking a step back, avoids getting their hands close to the gun

[Joe] “What are you doing? If we don't go now, they'll be here before you know it."
“Come on!"

Joe thrusts gun into the chest/hands of Chris, and leaves quickly, saying:

[Joe] "We’ve got to go now!!” 

Chris quickly takes half a step with the gun too, agreeing, but quickly stops, turns and picks up the Bible. Stares at Bible in one hand, gun in other.
[optional ending addition] There's a big thump at the other door: Joe slowly looks towards the door.

Fade sound and lights as Chris looks at the door. Pastor gets up to speak. Chris could wait for pastor to start speaking, then casually places the props at front of table - (no longer acting) so audience can see the gun and Bible through the sermon, and walks out opposite door to Joe's exit.


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