Good father - Great father

Signs of the Times, September 2015  

There's a big difference between a good father and a great father.

While having a good father by far out ranks either having an abusive father or none at all, you may be surprised to hear there's somewhat a big difference between a good dad and a great one.

Here are some examples:

A good father can cook an enjoyable dinner for his kids. A great father can cook an enjoyable dinner that has some sort of nutritional value for his kids.

A good father remembers when it's his turn to pick up his kids from school. A great father remembers before every other child has already been picked up.

A good dad has a collection of tried and true jokes to tell their children's friends when they visit. A great father knows the same jokes but never tells them.

A good father can entice their kids to do the dishes. A great father can do this without making threats or extravagant promises.

A good dad helps his kids with their homework. A great dad will too, but won't make up answers to questions he doesn’t actually know.

A good dad always looks pleased with any Father's Day gifts that come his way. A great dad will also use or display such gifts at least once before it ‘magically’ disappears.

A good dad will play cricket in the backyard with his kids. A great dad won't bowl underarm when their child needs six to win off the last bowl before dinner ends play.

A good dad will ask for directions to the caravan park when geographically challenged on the family holiday. A great dad will ask for directions before several hours of travelling in a geographically challenged state passes.

A good father gets up in the middle of the night when the baby is crying. A great father will also go smooth the crying baby, not just wake up mum to go smooth the baby while he makes a personal bathroom visit.

A good dad empties the rubbish bins for the family. A great dad empties the rubbish bins before receiving 12 reminders or at the sound of the rubbish truck arriving at the neighbours house.

A good dad will keep the grass on the front lawn short. A great dad will use a lawn mower to keep the front lawn short and not his ute - parking on a different area of lawn each evening to flatten it.

A good dad can fix anything. A great dad can fix anything without any trips to the emergency ward.

A good did will change their child's nappy without being asked. A great dad will also changes nappies after it’s been soiled.

A good dad will notice mum's new haircut. A great dad will notice mum's new haircut AND indicate he's noticed with a statement like 'Your hair looks incredible! I hope you paid them handsomely because I have never EVER seen hair so beautiful!', or better.

A good father frequently takes his learner driver kids out for a driving lesson. A great father also lets them have a turn at driving, not just watch:

I could go on, (but a great dad doesn't).

Interestingly the God of the Bible is referred to as our 'father in heaven'.

Now, if He were a good father in heaven, he would feel hurt over our pain and suffering. But if He were a great father in heaven, he would feel hurt over our pain and suffering AND have a long term plan implemented to free us from a world of sin and injustice.

For the record, we have a great father in heaven.


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