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Everyone Welcome [Church Welcome Skit]

Brief: A short Welcome tying in with the theme "The kingdom of God has room for everyone"
Written: Scott Wegener (concept Geoff Rippingale)
Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - October 17, 2015

1: Welcome, everyone, to Lilydale church. We hope you have a wonderful...

2: Hey, how come you always get to do the welcome? Oh that's right - your dad is the worship host.

1: You can come up and have a turn if you like. I don't HAVE to do it all by myself.

2: Really? Cool....  [walks up to microphone] Welcome, everyone, to Lilydale church. We hope you have a wonderful...

3: Hey, can I have a turn?

2: Umm, sure! There's plenty of room up here. I don't see why you couldn't.

3: Awesome... [walks up to microphone] Welcome, everyone, to lilydale church. We hope you have a wonderful...

1: Hang on, hang on, there's more room up here. Is there anyone else who would like to be part of this welcome? Come up here.

[more kids join]

All together: Welcome, everyone, to Lilydale Church. We hope you have a wonderful
[each person says one of these words a all at once] "day, service, time, experience, morning"


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