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Jul 29, 2017

Church Family Feud : Largest Books of the Bible [Children's Story]

Brief: a Children's story to complement a sermon topic "fulfilling your undiscovered potential"
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Sep 24, 2017

We need the kids up the front please because it's time for... (Family Feud theme song starts) Church Family Feud. (slide goes on screen)

I also need the Pastoral team up the front too please

Quickly choose a captain

We surveyed 1 Bible and the top 8 answers are on the board.
Name a book of the bible with the most chapters:

Jul 22, 2017

First Birthdays

Performance: Sydney Adventist School Auburn
100 Year Anniversary Celebration - July 22, 2017
Brief: A puppet play to fit in with the theme "we are made by God"

•    JOE: sensible, inquisitive
•    WALLACE: frivolous, know it all.
•    GRANDPA: kind, intelligent. (egg carton prop)

[Joe enters, whistling, glances at audience but keeps going, then freezes. Looks back at audience. Pans looking from side to side in amazement and calls out.]
JOE: Umm, Grandpa!
[Pa enters, looking at girl.]
Pa: Yes, Joe.
JOE: [whispers] There's a whole bunch of people here.
PA: [looks around] Oh, so there are.
JOE: Whyyyy?... It's a Saturday.
PA: Well, they're probably here for the birthday party.
JOE: [excited] Birthday!
PA: Yes, 100 years old.
JOE: [amazed] 100 years, wow.... none of them look that old. Except maybe that guy over there with the beard.
PA: No, it's not their birthday.
JOE: [jumps in quickly] Is it your birthday, grandpa? Wow didn't know your were 100!
PA: No, I'm not 100.
JOE: You're not? Well how much older are you? You don't look a day over 110!


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