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Jul 29, 2017

Church Family Feud : Largest Books of the Bible [Children's Story]

Brief: a Children's story to complement a sermon topic "fulfilling your undiscovered potential"
Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Sep 24, 2017

We need the kids up the front please because it's time for... (Family Feud theme song starts) Church Family Feud. (slide goes on screen)

I also need the Pastoral team up the front too please

Quickly choose a captain

We surveyed 1 Bible and the top 8 answers are on the board.
Name a book of the bible with the most chapters:

1. Psalms 150
2. Isaiah 66
3. Jeremiah 52
4. Genesis 50
5. Ezekiel 48
6. Job 42
7. Exodus 40
8. Numbers 36

The Bible is a very big book, and a lot of it can seem strange. 
But as you all get older, and you understand it more, you will discover even more how much God loves you


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