Adventure With Jesus [6 Act Drama Series for school week of worship]

Set in heaven each day, performed looking into audience as if they are earth.

Cast members:

  1. God: calm but loving in nature
  2. GABE: excitable, worked up into a panic mostly
  3. Jesus: calm and loving also. Day 1, 5, 6.
  4. Mary and Joseph mimers: Day 1
  5. Angels: Day 2,4,5
  6. Satan: Day 5

1. Monday - Birth of a King

GOD: Jesus

JESUS: Yes father

GOD: It’s time... for you to go to earth.

JESUS: I know. I was hoping this day would never come, but I always knew it would.

GOD: Yes. At least it won’t be for too long.

JESUS: Yes, I know, but after spending eternity with you, It’s going to be hard to be away from you for the first time.

GOD: It’s the only way we can save them.

JESUS: Yes I know, I’m happy to go. I’ll do anything to have the humans able to come home to us,

GOD: Yes! I love them so much too. We have to free them from the world turned evil by Satan.
JESUS: So much pain and death there. It hurts so much.

GOD: Yes… and you're about to…..

JESUS: I know… I’m about to experience it... just as the Humans do.

[ hug each other tearily ]

GOD: Time to go.

JESUS: Yes. Farewell Father.

GOD: See you soon.

[ Jesus exits, God calls out]

GOD:  Oh Gabriel!

GABE: Yes, Lord God almighty.

[ enters and bows]

GOD: Would you go and tell Mary that she is going to give birth to the son of God, and tell Joseph also. If he’s going to be her husband, he should know too.

GABE: Yes, Lord God amighty, I’ll fly to Mary and Joseph right aw…… Mary and Joseph? Are you sure?

GOD: Yes, Gabriel. Mary and Joseph will be the earthly parents of Jesus.

GABE: But… but….. They are not royalty? How can Jesus become king if he’s not born into the royal family?

GOD: Oh, Jesus will become king. Don’t you worry about that.

GABE: Great! I knew you had it all figured out. Off to Mary and Joseph.

[ Gabe looks around audience, a little puzzled]

GOD: Oh, Gabriel.

GABE: Yes?

GOD: They are down there  

GABE: Yes, of course. Thank you

[Bows and leaves]

GOD: I miss you already my son. Be brave

[GABE mimes to a girl who acts shocked to see Gabe, then turns to joy and holds her tummy. Then Gabe walks over to tell a boy, who is also shocked, and then runs over to hug the girl and they walk off happy. - Gabe returns to God]

GABE: Lord God almighty. All done, and wow, I must say Mary and Joseph were quite surprised.

GOD: I’m sure they were, it is a big responsibility.

GABE: Yes, but if I may ask a question.

GOD: Yes Gabriel?

GABE: Well, they are now heading for Bethlehem for the census, and I've done the maths, by the time they get there Jesus will be due to be born, and well….

GOD: Yes?

GABE: Well, all the hotels will be full by the time they arrive. I’ve counted everyone on their way, and calculated who will arrive when and… there will be no room for them to stay. I was wondering if I should create a distraction to some of the travelers so Mary and Joseph can arrive first and get a good room? You know, with a good view and all.

GOD: No that won’t be necessary.

GABE: It’s no trouble. I can fly down and spin up a dust storm to slow some of the travelers down.

GOD: Everything's ok. They will find somewhere to stay, I guarantee it.

GABE: OK, well you’re God, you would know. Anything else I can help with.

GOD: Yes, actually. Would you write and rehearse a song to sing with your choir when Jesus is born.

GABE: IT would be an honour, Lord God Almighty. I shall right away. I love singing to a big royal audience.

GOD: Oh, no. I was thinking you could sing to some shepherds.

GABE: Shepherds? But shepherds aren’t very important?

GOD: Well... to their sheep they are.

[Gabe pauses to think 5 seconds]

GABE: Ok. well, we’ll put on a performance like they’ve never heard before…. Get it. Never Heard….

GOD: Ewe are very clever, Gabriel.

GABE: Oh, what am I going to do while Jesus is away. I am going to miss him so much

GOD: Why don’t you make something? A welcome home present to give it to him when he returns.

GABE: Great idea! I’ll make something for Jesus. That'll help keep my mind busy. I’ll get started right away, thanks!

[ Gabe leaves, God turns to look out at audience]
GOD: See you soon, son.

2. Tuesday - Healing Pain

[God is on stage looking out at audience and smiling. Gabe enters]

GABE: Lord God almighty.

GOD: Yes, Gabriel

GABE: I’ve started my project to keep me busy while Jesus is on earth.

GOD: Great, what are you making?

[Shows plain looking vase]

GABE: It’s a vase. I’m just working on it’s shape, but I’ll paint it all up nice. I know how much he loves beauty, like flowers.

GOD: He’ll love it.

GABE: I was just wondering how Jesus is going down on earth

GOD: Have a look yourself.

[GABE looks, happy when he spots Jesus, but soon looks confused]

GABE: What is he doing wasting time with all those sick people.

GOD: He’s healing all those who want to be healed.

GABE: Healing? What’s he doing that for?

GOD: Because he loves them.

GABE: Yes, I know that, but healing! Isn’t that a waste of time. They’re going to die eventually anyway?

GOD: That’s not a very loving attitude

GABE: yeah...nah…. I don't’ want them to die, Just saying humans don’t live tha tlong anyway, why bother healing them.

GOD: Because we love them

GABE: I know that, but shouldn’t Jesus be responsible and be keeping away from those who are sick, so he doesn't accidentally catch something. You know...He has important work to do. He can’t afford to catch a cold... or worse.
GOD: Loving is important.

GABE: I know that, but…. well… what are those people hurrying to Jesus for?

GOD: They have leprosy

GABE: Oh, leprosy…. LEPROSY!!! Isn’t that that disease that eats away their skin if others touch it?

GOD: Yes


GOD: What are you doing?

[GABE looks at God and turns back to audience half way though entrance]

GABE: I’m trying to stop Jesus from catching leprosy…. OH NO! He’s touched them. [GABE call out to side of stage] Rapheen! Zeekly! Come quick!!

GOD: Gabriel?

[two angels enter stage]

GABE: It’s ok God. I’m onto it. [speaks to angels] Grab the medicine bag and get to earth quick-smart - Jesus has just touched some leprosy!

Angels: OH NO!

GOD: Angels! Stop. It’s ok. Look.

[all look closely]
GABE: He’s… He’s healed them all…. And he’s ok! Jesus is ok!

GOD: Gabriel, have a closer look at them.

GABE: Yes I see, they are healed!

GOD: No, really have a look at them.

[Angels all lean forward and squint really hard]

GABE: they’re really really happy now!

GOD: Yes.

GABE: That’s why he’s doing it. He’s bringing Joy to their lives!

GOD: Yes. He Loves them. I Love them.

GABE: Oh look there’s someone who’s blind. Do you think Jesus will give him his sight back? That would certainly bring me joy if i couldn’t see all my life.

[watching silently for a moment in anticipation, then angels give a cheer]

GABE: There it is. I think you're right. It really is worth Jesus healing the sick.

[one angel points, the other holds hands over mouth.]

GABE: What? Is that….. Lazarus?  Lazarus has died? [sad] Oh no! Jesus didn't get to him before he died. Oh, Jesus was such good friends with Lazarus.  

GOD: It’s ok.

GABE: I guess you're right. Jesus will be ok.

GOD: No, keep watching.

GABE: What… you're not suggesting…. Jesus isn’t going to…..
[amazed] Look…. Lazarus is alive! Alive again!
Wow, look how happy they all are. The earth really is starting to change now Jesus is down there. Maybe this was a good idea of yours God.

GOD: I think it was.

[angels all leave god looks out at audience]

GOD: I know it was... Keep going, son.

3. Wednesday - Befriending Sinners

[GABE walks in, painting his vase, does a quick glance at the audience and then keeps walking, stops suddenly quickly squints at the audience and looking shocked calls out]

GABE: Umm, Lord God Almighty!

[God enters]

GABE: You might want to take a look at this. It’s... terrible.

GOD: What is is Gabriel?

GABE: It’s Jesus. He’s… he’s started sinning.

GOD: [skeptical] Started sinning? Really? What do you mean? How can you tell

GABE: Well look. Look who he’s with! They are like the worst sinners in the city. Bad language, stealing, fighting... killing…

GOD: Yes, they are sinners alright.

GABE: I KNEW this would happen

GOD: Knew what would happen?

GABE: Jesus... He has joined them and now he’s clearly a sinner too. Oh this is terrible.

GOD: Wait a minute Gabriel. Have you heard Jesus use bad language?

GABE: Well, no. But...

GOD: Have you seen him steal anything?

GABE: Well, no. But…

GOD: Have you seen him fighting anyone?

GABE: Well, no. But…

GOD: and correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Jesus been raising people from the dead, not killing people?

GABE: Well, yes. But…

GOD: So you haven’t actually seen Jesus sin.
GABE: Well, no. But…

GOD: But, but but! Tell me bout this but.

GABE: But, he’s with the sinners. Why would Jesus be with the sinners if he wasn't being a sinner too? There are plenty of nice people down there he could be friends with. Even if he’s not sinning, because he’s being friends with the sinners, isn’t he basically saying it’s ok to sin, and he doesn’t care what they do? Jesus has standards he needs to uphold. It’s careless to be with the sinners.

GOD: Tell me, Gabriel. Should a Doctor only be with those who are healthy?

GABE: No, of course not. A doctor needs to be with the sick people.

GOD: What about a Teacher? Should a teacher only teach people who already know what the teacher knows?

GABE: No,a teacher needs to be with students who don’t yet know what the…. OH!!!!

GOD: Oh?

GABE: I get it. I get it!! So… it’s like… like a shepherd. Shepherds shouldn’t just hang around other shepherds, he needs to be with the sheep so he can lead and protect them.

GOD: EXACTLY, Very good example. Now, take a closer look.

GABE: Oh yeah, some of those sinners... they're changing. Even some of the really terrible ones.

GOD: This is the whole point of Jesus going to earth. To save our humans from their sins and bring them home.

GABE: You really love them, don’t you.

GOD: Absolutely. And you haven’t seen the most of it yet. [pause] Hows the vase coming along

[start to walk off together]

GABE: Great I’ve been working on it every day. All the painting is almost done.

GOD: Looking good, Looking good.

4. Thursday - Killing the King

[God stands staring at audience, looking upset, weeping a little even, Gabe walks in soon but distracted and not looking at God]

GABE: Lord God Almighty. I’ve finished the vase! Take a looo…. Lord God? Are You ok? What’s wrong?

[God stares still]

GABE: What’s happening?

[Gabe looks out at audience, gasps and drops the vase off the balcony, it smashes, and puts his hands covering his mouth in shock]

GABE: JESUS! What... are they doing to Jesus?!!! Why are they hitting him? [calls outside of stage] Hey fellas, go get 10 legions together, immediately, we’re heading down to save Jesus. He’s needs our help!

[with authority]
GOD: Wait!

GABE: I don’t think we can wait, Lord God almighty, they are… they’re…. They’re nailing him to a cross! [very upset] Can’t you see, they are going to kill him!

GOD: Let what happens happen.

GABE: No, No No! We can’t let them kill Jesus….

GOD: Watch carefully.

GABE: No, I won’t watch, I can’t watch.

GOD: Look.

GABE: What's Jesus doing? Is she becoming friends with that criminal on the cross next to him? He is. Jesus should be saving himself, not saving the sinner next to him.

[two angels come in]

Angels: The legions are ready to go

GABE: This is it Lord God almighty. It’s now or never.

GOD: If Jesus calls for you, you can stop his death. But ONLY if he calls for help.

GABE: Thank you! Come on Jesus, we’re ready. Say the word. We’ll save you. Just say it. Come on Jesus. We can stop this. Just say it. You don't’ have to die. Jesus. No, you don’t have to die. Jesus?……….[losing hope]    Jesus?….

[Thunder rumble sound effect from back of room]

GOD: It is finished


GABE: He has really died?

GOD: Yes

GABE: So… that’s it then? He’s really gone, forever?

GOD: No.

GABE: No? What do you mean. Jesus is dead, isn’t he?

GOD: Yes.

GABE: Well it IS all over then.

GOD: No, it isn’t.

GABE: It isn’t? How is it not over?

GOD: He’ll be back.

GABE: What? Are you bringing his bones home to heaven? That’s a good idea.

GOD: No, he’ll come on his own.

GABE: But he’d have to be alive to… he’s going to come back to life? [excited] is that what it is? It is, isn’t it? He’s coming back to life? Tell me he is?


GOD: Yes

GABE: YESS! [fist pump] Oh how wonderful, how marvelous!

GOD: Go and get organised. After sabbath passes, you’ll be heading down to burst open Jesus tomb - It’s been 33 years and Jesus is coming home!

GABE: YEAH! Jesus is coming home!!!

5. Friday - Long Lives the King

[A large tomb ‘stone’ sits at side or rear of room that can be rolled from rear by crew. Music starts in background and God comes straight in with joy ]

GOD: Gabriel!

[GABE come is quickly and excited.]

GABE: YES! Lord God almighty.!

GOD: It’s nearly time. Head down to earth, and bring my son home!

GABE: YES! Lord God. Right away! Let’s go fellers!

[Angels head down towards tomb but are met by another angel, wearing a black belt outside the tomb. Optional: two roman soldiers stand guard]

SATAN: Gabriel. So nice to see you again!

GABE: Satan. I thought you might be here. Stand aside. Jesus is coming home.

SATAN: Oh really? Haven’t you heard? Those humans he loved so much - they killed him! I am sooooo sorry. Please go home and tell your God His son is gone forever.

GABE: Stand aside SATAN, Jesus is coming home!

SATAN:: Not possible. He’s mine now. I gave him a little gift I like to give ALL humans. The gift of DEATH!

GABE: Satan, for the last time, STAND ASIDE, Jesus… Is Coming …. Home!

SATAN: HE’S DEAD! HE’S MINE!  Do you really think he’s going to be able to bring HIMSELF back to life?

[as music starts to build, says with authority]
(if arriving here to early, Gabe can look disheartened for a moment and look away, but after thinking about it he builds courage and says ‘YES’. If arriving too late, skip the ‘Yes’ and Satan goes straight to panic mode)

GABE: Yes!!!!!

  • Earthquake/music track starts immediately
  • Stone begins to very slowly roll to the side (30 seconds to go full distance to be in time with music)
  • Guards fall. Satan cries “NO…. No, no no!!!” and tries to hold the stone in place but it keeps rolling
  • Jesus is revealed standing, lit by bright light if possible, Satan runs out of room covering face before fully opened.
  • Gabe and angels bow
  • Jesus lovingly touches angels on shoulders as he passes them then runs upstairs to God who has been watching from above with a great smile.
  • Angels follow.
  • Music fades enough to be able to clearly hear the dialogue

GOD: My son! I missed you so much!

JESUS: Me too, Father

GOD: You did it! You did it!

JESUS: It’s finished! Now the Human can choose to come home to us.

GOD: Yes, they now have the choice. You've given them a choice!

[Gabe comes over and gives Jesus a hug too]

GABE: I’ve been so worried for you. I can not believe what you did! That was amazing!

GOD: Gabe.

[Gabe turns to see God with his vase, God has fixed it for Gabe to give to Jesus]

GABE: Oh, thank you Lord God almighty! [turns and gives to Jesus] Jesus, I formed this vase with my own hands out of clay, and I made it beautiful, but then it broke, but God made it new, and now… now you can enjoy having it around for eternity to come. I hope you like it.

JESUS: Thank You, Gabe. I love it.

GABE: Here, I’ll go put some flowers in it for you.

[notices scars on Jesus’ hands as the vase is handed back.]

GABE: Your hands!


[turns to address audience and holds them out ]

JESUS: Now you can all come home - just take my hand.

ENDING OPTION 1: The speaker of the day starts speaking a mere moment after this is said and the actors soon quietly walk off.

ENDING OPTION2: everyone starts huddling around Jesus and they all walk of all talking together saying:
"You did it, so good to have you home, you’ve saved them. We missed you so much." etc

6. Saturday - The Future

[God on stage first Jesus soon joins him and they both stand at the front os stage looking down at audience cheerfully. Vase is on pedestal with Flowers in it.
Gabe enter]

GABE: Lord God almighty, Jesus, I’ve been looking over the new Jerusalem’s progress. And I must say - WOW! These humans are going to be so excited once they see the mansions you’ve built for them. [looks down at audience] Oh who is this?

GOD: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist church.

JESUS: It’s on the outskirts of Sydney Australia.

GABE: Oh yes, I’ve been there a few times. Good music, quite friendly people. AMAZING dramas!

GOD: Oh yes! The dramas are very well written.

JESUS: And excellent acting!

GOD: Yes! Amazing acting. Can’t wait to have them involved in some of our services here.

GABE: Hey Jesus, did you know it’s almost 2000 years since you’ve come home from your time on earth?

JESUS: Yes, time flies when you’re in a dimension beyond time.

GABE: To think, all that effort, pain and suffering you had on earth, just so anyone here can come home.

Jesus: That’s it. They just need to choose to love us and we can live forever together.

GABE: But if they ignore your offer, and someone chooses to live following everything THEY want. Then….

GOD: Then we’re not forcing them to come home.

GABE: But, then they’ll….

GOD: There’s nothing more we can do. That’s their choice. Choose the life we have planned for them, or live their own life for a short time and live without us.

GABE: Seems an obvious choice to me.

JESUS: Yes, but Satan is very good at fooling people into ignoring our offer. Even some of the bright ones. You can be smart by weak.

GABE: So sad.

JESUS: It’s heart breaking.

GABE: Hey I think I recognise some of these people. I’ve seen their mansions in the new Jerusalem. Though, I have not seen a mansion for everyone here.

JESUS: There’s still time for those who haven’t decided who they will follow.  I haven’t left to pick them up yet.

GABE: AUGH, yes! That reminds me. I have a new lighting effect at the 7th minute mark of your return to Earth. I’d like to see what you think.

JESUS: Sure. I’d love to see what you’ve come up with.

[start walking off together]

GABE: I’d like to fade in all the new colours they can’t currently see onto the background cloud formations we have planned. It will be a perfect lead up to the big choreography number where ...

JESUS: Shh, I think they're listening in….  they’ll see soon enough...

GABE: [whispers] oh, right.

Performance: Hills Adventist College (Junior) Week of worship  - June 26-30, 2017


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