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Oct 13, 2018

25 words or less

Thought I should collect some of my 'interesting' responses to 25 words or less competitions.

In 25 words or less: why have you outgrown your family car?

We've outgrown our family car because we thought having an ingrown family car would be very painful (and it'd be hard to find fitting shoes).

Why are you the ultimate Weet-Bix kid? 
I'm such a Weet-Bix kid, whenever I graze my elbow taking classic catches in our backyard cricket games, my elbow leaks Weet-Bix flakes (and REALLY bad grazes make me cry tears of So Good).
In fact, once a celiac footy mate of mine had an instant allergic reaction when he brushed past my arm from the Weet-Bix content in my sweat.
Then there's the time I was sent out of Sabbath School class by the teacher because I would not back down from my belief that Weet-Bix will be available on the Tree of Life in Heaven.
And don't even ask what happens to my dandruff when it rains...
When I went to see my doctor over what could be done to prevent these issues, he told me I needed to eat less Weet-Bix.
I have a new doctor now.


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