Everest [A fun 6 Act drama series for school week of worship]

Key Cast:

Oli - Optimist. A natural leader and optimist, he comes up with ideas and takes his friends with him on all sorts of adventures, when the going gets tough – Oli gets going.

Emma - Emma is the friend who everyone loves, kind hearted and always checking in to see how people are going. When someone is upset – they know they can come to Emma.

Fiona - Fiona can be a little shy, but she’s a great friend. She’s keen to give any adventure a try and she’s great with team work.

Steve - A Sherpa. He spends most of his days either climbing dangerous mountain sides with other people’s gear in his backpack, the other days, he hangs out a base camp with a nice warm cuppa.

Josie - Joker. Always cracking jokes and looking for something to have a laugh about, she’s a good girl at heart..

Bryan - Brains. If something is broken, or needing to be solved, Bryan is your man. Bryan is the friend who everyone goes to for answers – smart, quick, and witty.

Sherp - No one quite knows Sherp’s real name. We call call him Sherp. Sherp is a Sherpa who was born at base camp, grew up on the mountain and knows it like the back of his hand.. he can be a little pessimistic though

Day 1: More to Life

[Everyone sits around in a semi circle facing the audience, playing Uno]

EMMA: I’m so glad it’s school holidays

JOSIE: Yeah, that maths was getting hard... 9 times 47, divided by 16... impossible!

BRYAN: 26 point 4375

JOSIE: What?

BRYAN: 9 by 47 into 16 is 26.4375

OLI: ... Anyway, what do you reckon we should do these holidays? Should we go for a bike ride or something?

EMMA: My tires are flat

FIONA: My brakes aren’t working

JOSIE: My chain’s broken

BRYAN: My bike needs a different rationed differential

OLI: We could go to the movies?

JOSIE: Nah, there’s nothing fun out at the moment.

FIONA: Uno. [said as if she’s got an idea]

[everybody pauses for a few seconds and looks]

FIONA: What??... Last card!

OLI: Well, we could make a tree house or something.

JOSIE: Hey, do you know what a tree’s favorite shape is?.... A tree-angle!

EMMA: Hey, why don’t we play cards

OLI: We are playing cards

EMMA: I know


JOSIE: We all know...

BRYAN: How about we study next term’s math units to make sure we all get A’s!

JOSIE: [jokingly] Oh, and how about we learn French just in case the exam is written by someone from France?!

BRYAN: [stares for a moment as if it’s a silly idea, but then:] Not a bad idea. I’ll look up a French YouTube tutor.

[gets out iPad]

EMMA: Oh, my brain needs a rest. No studying for me these holidays

BRYAN: Here we are: French math tutor - oh there’s an ad first.

[VOICEOVER: Hey kids! Want some adventure these school holidays? Were holding a race to see who can be the first school kids to ever climb mount Everest. Winning team wins a lifetime pass to Disney World! But hurry, you gotta bring down the flag from the top first to win it! Go on, what else are you doing these holidays? [ start speaking french and fading out]

EMMA: What? Did they say all we have to do is get the flag from the mountain and we can win lifetime’s tickets to Disney World?

OLI: You know, we should do it! Let’s get out there and do something amazing instead of hanging around here playing games.


OLI: It doesn’t sound to hard. I mean how high can it be?

BRYAN: 8,848 meters, or 8 point 848 kilometers

OLI: Oh, well I ride 8km on my bike to school each day It’s not THAT far..

BRYAN: Yeah, but Everest is 8km up, not flat, and in temperatures minus 30 to minus 60 degrees Celsius!

OLI: We’ve all got our jumpers. She’ll be right! We may not win but let’s do it for the adventure.

EMMA: Does sound kinda exciting.

JOSIE: Nothing else fun is happening round here.

BRYAN: I guess we can study along the way!

OLI: Well, if we’re going to do this, we’d better go now!

[pause to think]

EMMA: Let’s do it

[Everyone except Fiona]: YEAH!

[everyone, except Fiona, who is studying her cards, gets up and leaves quickly]

EMMA: [on the way out stops and talks to the audience] I know what you’re all thinking.... We’ll check with our parents first. [leaves]

FIONA: Uno!.... [looks up and around] Hey where’d everyone go? Guys wait up!

Day 2: Direction

OLI: Boy did I sleep well!

EMMA: Yeah, me too, all that travel yesterday just to get to base camp! Walking to the bus stop, bus to the train, train to the airport, plane to another bus, bus to a donkey...

BRYAN: Did you notice that poor donkey only had one eye?

EMMA: And had a saw foot.

FIONA: And he stunk.

JOSIE: Yeah, he was a stinky, winky, wonky donkey!

[Knock at door]

OLI: Who could that be?

[News crew enter.]

ERIN: Hi everyone, I’m Erin from Everest news. I hear you’re here for the capture the Everest Disney World climb competition.

OLI: Yes, we are.

ERIN: Are you excited to be here?

OLI: Yes, we are

ERIN: Have you done anything like this before?

OLI: No, we haven't

ERIN: Oh, well, are you concerned about getting lost?

OLI: Um, not really, how hard can it be. We just walk up, right?

[ reporter stares for a moment in disbelief]

ERIN: Yes, how hard can it be. Well, good luck. We’ll see you when you get back. [mutters] assuming you don't get lost up there.

OLI: Guess we’d better get going then!

[everyone excited “yeah, let’s do it”]

[All start walking different directions - eg going down different isles]

OLI: Hey! Where are you all going?

EMMA: Up to the top of the mountain?

OLI: But wouldn’t it be this way? It’s the straightest way.

EMMA: But this way looks the easiest

BRYAN: But this way looks the flattest

FIONA: But this way is on the sunny side of the mountain.

[everyone looks at Josie]

JOSIE: Don’t look at me, I was just going to the bathroom.

EMMA: So, which way to go...

OLI: Yeah, I thought there’d only be one track, there’s tracks everywhere!

BRYAN: Maybe we need to get some guidance

FIONA: How about that guy? He looks like a local, he could be our guide.

OLI: He probably doesn’t speak English.

[speaks slow and loud and acts out the words]


[Sherpas looks confused]


[Sherpas looks confused]

OLI: It’s no good.

BRYAN: Let’s try downloading Google translator. [gets out phone] but... I might need to climb up the mountain, I don’t have service.

SHERP: Here use my phone. I’m on the government network.

BRYAN: Oh thanks... lets see... Google...

EMMA: Um, Bryan

BRYAN: ...translator, here we go.

EMMA: Bryan!

BRYAN: What?!

EMMA: I think he speaks English

SHERP: Hello. [waves]

BRYAN: Oh! Cool. Here’s your phone.

SHERP: When do you want to leave?

JOSIE: Now if you can. Unless you’re off to see a movie - we can wait, but we’re in kindof a hurry.

[sherpas look at each other and shrug shoulders]

SHERP: Sure, I’ll go. This way. [they walk out back door, Sherp hobbling a little.]

OLI: Woohoo, we have ourselves some guidance! Lets go!

[all start walking]

JOSIE: But what about the bathroom? I guess there will be one when we get to the top.

Day 3: Trials

JOSIE: Are we there yet?

OLI: No, I told you, when we can see the flag, we’re there.

JOSIE: Oh, this is sooo steep

FIONA: And freezing cold

JOSIE: And there’s no NetFlix.

OLI: All right you two I’m sure it won’t be too much further

[Sherp stumbles in pain]

EMMA: Sherp! Are you ok?

SHERP: My ankle... [augh]... I think it’s broken!

FIONA: Are you sure it’s broken?

SHERP: Yes, I am certain. It feels like my other ankle. It’s broken too!

BRYAN: You’ve been walking on a broken Ankle all this time.

SHERP: Yes, I was on my way to hospital when you asked me to join you.

BRYAN: well why didn’t you say something?

SHERP: Well, I thought you look liked you needed my help more than i needed the hospital.

EMMA: Oh, that’s so kind

BRYAN: That’s so irrational.

JOSIE: Great so now you have two or more broken ankles.

SHERP: I’ll be ok. I’ll just put some Ice on it.

JOSIE: Um, I don’t think we brought any ice, sorry Sherp, we’ll have to go back and get some.

FIONA: Josie... we’re in the snow.

JOSIE: Yeah, you’re right, we should build a snowman while were here.

MILES: Well, well, look who we have here! Looks like some school kiddies got lost on the way home from school. Oh, and someone fall over too, did they? Oh dear! Would you like a band aid?

OLI: What are YOU doing here?

MILES: Oh, I heard there was a lifetime pass to Disney World on offer. So I thought I’d pop up to the summit, get the flag and go collect my prize. What are YOU lot all doing up here?

OLI: We’re heading to top for the prize too.

MILES: You lot? HA! You’ll be lucky to get there alive.Carrying all that stuff. Not me, I’m traveling smart, I’m traveling light. You guys really don't’ know what you’re doing and should head back. Besides not much point in climbing to the top if the prize is already gone. See ya!

FIONA: He’s always that rude at school too.

EMMA: It’s over guys, no point in continuing.

OLI: Nonsense, we can still beat him to the top.

EMMA: Really, did you see how fast he was. And how little he was carrying.

JOSIE: And with Shep’s broken ankles there’s no way we’d all be able to keep up with him.

FIONA: Yeah, and we really don’t know what we're doing.

BRYAN: Um guys,

FIONA: I mean, do you think we could die up here

BRYAN: Guys!

FIONA: Cause I’ve heard of people dying up here, you know!



BRYAN: Look at the direction and velocity of the air currents that are mixing with the negative tempered hydrogen and oxygen molecules!!

OLI: ummm... what??


[loud wind sounds start, fans on, spray mist at kids with spray bottles actors struggle to stand up for a bit while the audience gets sprayed then they start shouting the following as if in the loud blizzard]

OLI: We have to get back to the tent, come on!

JOSIE: But.... what about..... making the snowman?

OLI: Come on! We can’t stay out here. We must hurry![all exit back door]

Day 4: Teamwork

FIONA: Hey guys - I think the blizzard’s stopped!

EMMA: Great, we can FINALLY head home!

OLI: Head home? But we’re do close to the top!

EMMA: Yeah but Sherp’s broken ankles are really hurting.

SHERP: Sorry guys, I just can’t walk on my own anymore.

EMMA: See! And without Sherp, we can’t find the way.

OLI: But Bryan’s got his GPS

BRYAN: Sorry, my battery’s flat.

JOSIE: And I’ve run out of lip balm.

OLI: So that’s it? After all this we’re just going to give up? Not even try and get that Flag for the Disney World lifetime pass prize?

FIONA: Miles has probably got there before anyway. It’s pointless.

OLI: No it’s not pointless. We have to at least try.

AMELIA: Knock, Knock

OLI: Umm, come in??

AMELIA: Sorry to bother you. Are you guy going up, or down?

[all together - Oli says “up” but all the other’s say “down”]

AMELIA: Um, ok? You’re not all together?

EMMA: Yes?

AMELIA: Then, why are some going up and some going down?

EMMA: Well, Sherp’s our Guide and has two broken ankles, Bryan’s GPS is flat we have no way of knowing which way to go, and Josie’s run out of lip balm.

JOSIE: I get cracked lips.

OLI: But I reckon we can still get there and shouldn't give up.

AMELIA: Sure you can! Sounds to me like you just need to work together. Clearly you’d never make it to the top alone, but together, you can help each other out. You’ll get there.

BRYAN: But, I can’t help but notice, you are alone.

AMELIA: Oh, not at all. I have a team just around the corner. We just broke our can opener so I was seeing if there were any hikers in the area who had one I could borrow?

FIONA: Not any more.

BRYAN: Sorry, I turned our can opener into an egg beater.

AMELIA: Why is that.

BRYAN: To beat eggs with.

AMELIA: Right... of course.

JOSIE: Yeah, in case we found a chicken, crossing the Snow.

AMELIA: Ok, well, I’ll keep asking around. I hope you find a way to work together. I saw there was a flag at the top only yesterday, for some competition? Anyway, see ya.

OLI: See, there’s still a chance. What about if Emma and Fiona help Sherp walk. Bryan, you could build a sled out of their three packs, couldn’t you?

BRYAN: Yeah, sure! But probably not motorized.

OLI: That’s ok. I can pull the sled while you and Josie push. What do you all say!!??

BRYAN: Guys! By my calculations, considering the body mass index of Sherp, the gradient of the remaining mountain to traverse, divided by the thickness and dew point of the ice - we might just make it - and without dying too!

FIONA: Yay! Then we can take a selfie to put on instagram of us on top of the world!

BRYAN: Actually, Fiona, unless you’re underground, you’re always on top of the world.

FIONA: Thank you, Bryan.

BRYAN: You’re welcome.

OLI: Ok, let's get out there, work together and make this happen. We can do this. Let’s go get this flag!

[ all walk out ]

JOSIE: Can I borrow someone's lip gloss?


Day 5 (Pt 1): Summit Up

OLI: Well, here we are. Top of Everest...but... no flag sorry guys.

SHERP: I can see the hole where the flagpole was once planted. And judging by the ice around the hole, it was probably taken only about 10 minutes ago.

FIONA: Unbelievable. So close!

JOSIE: I can’t believe we came all this way, and there’s no flag. What a waste of time!

EMMA: Um, Josie.

JOSIE: I mean, we should have just stayed home and played Uno

BRYAN: Josie.

JOSIE: We could have got lost or anything up here. Died in the snow a freezing agonising death

OLI: Josie!!!


OLI: Look!

[Josie looks out over the balcony and pauses for a moment]

JOSIE: Woooooow! What a view. Are you guy seeing this? I have never seen such beauty! I’m actually on top of the world

BRYAN: Actually, you’re always on top of the world, unless you’re underground...

JOSIE: Thank you, Bryan.

OLI: Well, no flag to win the competition, but I think we all agree, the view from the top has been worth it.

[everyone] Yeeeaaah.

JOSIE: Yeah, a real HIGHlight of my life...HIGH....light....High...

FIONA: We get it, Jossie.

EMMA: Well.... I guess we’d better go home, school starts again soon.

OLI: Yeah, lead us home Sherp!

Day 5 (Pt 2): Summit Down

[ Miles and Steve stumble through the door and collapses on stage. A few moments later the team come in]

EMMA: Hey! We’re nearly back. I can see everyone at the bottom of the mountain!

OLI: Good job Sherp! You didn’t get us lost, their OR back!

Everyone: Yeah, thanks Sherp!

SHERP: Thanks guys. Sorry I hurt my ankles. Thanks for helping me.

OLI: No worries mate.

FIONA: Oh no, look, it’s Miles!

BRYAN: He doesn’t look healthy. We’d better get them back to base camp and to some help.

[They help Miles and Steve up, Josie picks up their belongings, including the flag and follows everyone to the other side of stage.]

JADE: WOW, welcome back everyone. You all look exhausted. But the big question... Who brought the flag back to base camp?

OLI: Oh, well, we tried. It was gone by the time we got to the top.

EMMA: Yeah, it was a bit disappointing, but then we saw the view.

BRYAN: It was like nothing the neurons in your cranium have ever connected before.

JADE: What?

FIONA: Um, it was like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Truly beautiful.

FIONA: I was worried we’d get lost, but Sherp is the real hero, who carried on even with two broken ankles.

SHERP: It was teamwork in the end that got us through.

EMMA: And having a trustworthy guide.

[Amelia walks over and sees the Josie standing at the back with the flag]

AMELIA: Hey, I see you got the flag!

JOSIE: No, it was gone when we got there.

AMELIA: Then, what’s that in your hand?

JOSIE: Oh, I was just helping carry Miles stuff back. He collapsed and couldn't make it back on his own.

JADE: So YOU have the flag??!!

JOSIE: Um, I guess so.

JADE: And you brought it over the finish line?

JOSIE: Yeaaarrr??

JADE: You’ve won!!

JOSIE: We have?

EMMA: But we weren’t the ones to get it from the mountain top?

JADE: Yes, but the rules state it’s the first to bring the flag BACK. And.... you’ve brought it back first!

JOSIE: We did??

OLI: We’ve won?

BRYAN: It seem legal to me. We have succeeded!

[everyone jumps and celebrates - woohoo!]

[song ‘Zipp-a-dee-doo-daa’ plays and they all ‘dance’ off]

Day 6: Wrapped
(A recap at church)

[all come in and put their bags down, finally arriving home. You choose who says what...]

: Well... THAT was adventure!

: Yeah. I’m so glad we didn’t just hang around here all school holidays playing Uno. That WOULD have been a waste of time!

: It was so good to get out. There’s so much more to life then sticking to a safe routine. I think that’s something I learned most of all from our adventure to the top of Everest. Get out there and do something.

: Well I learnt direction is very important, and having a reliable guide is so important if you want to make it to wherever you want to end up. It’s very easy to get lost when there’s many paths and you don’t have direction.

: Well I learnt that even when really tough trials come you can usually get through them and they won’t last forever. Sometimes you just gotta be brave.

BRYAN: Yeah, well I learnt that teamwork makes everything much easier, especially through tough times. Working together you can do what is impossible by yourself.

JOSIE: Yeah. Well I learnt there were no bathrooms on top of Mt Everest! How inconvenient is that!

: But how was that view!

: Yeah, that was pretty amazing. Being on top of the world.

BRYAN: Actually you’re always on top of the world, unless you’re in a cave, or swimming.

: Thank you Bryan...

: Listen to us. We sound like a bunch of kids in a school drama who are moralizing at the end of a week of worship about everything talked about during the week...

[pause for a moment]

: Hey guys, I almost forgot, we won those lifetime passs to DisneyWorld too!

: Hey yeah! I guess we have some more adventures together ahead of us.

: I thought we’d lost for sure when the flag was gone when we arrived to the top.

: Yeah, I suppose we’re lucky our competition collapsed before the finish line

: Well he was taking a lot of shortcuts. He’s lucky to be alive.

JOSIE: and WE were lucky I happened to pick up the winning Flag when I carried his things across the finish line.

: I guess the saying about the first coming last and the last coming first does come true in the end

: Well, I suppose if this really was a drama then we should wrap it up about now and quietly exit while the audience politely claps?

JOSIE: Oh, should we bow?

: Do what you like. Nobody’s really watching.

[all start to walk off. Josie keeps bowing and curtsying to the audience over and over, silently mouthing to the audience “thank you so much”, then Bryan comes back through the door]

BRYAN: Josie!.... Josie!!! Dinners ready.

JOSIE: Right! [leaves, but with one last bow before leaving through the door.]


Performance: Hills Adventist College (Junior) Week of worship - Aug 10, 2019


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