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Aug 3, 2019

Mr Bean Resuscitates [A funny skit for a talent night]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Chill X talent night - Aug 3, 2019

Intro: "Can we get someone up here to adjust this mic up a bit, please?"

Verse 1 Start: Bean enters, with magazine, looking around for the music he strangely recognizes.

Verse 1 Halay: Singer waves Bean over, in time with "A-Lay-Loo-Yaas"

Chorus 1 Start: Gestures to Bean to adjust the mic up, does so but too high.

Chorus 1 Halay: Bean proud, until looks at Singer who stares at Bean unimpressed, and Bean sees problem, mildly upset at hassle and stupidity of the singer.

Verse 2 Start: Loosens, ready to adjusts down.

Verse 2 Halay: On second YAAA whacks microphone on singer's head. 'THUMP' and singer falls to ground unconscious
Chorus 2 Start: Bean pleased with himself, until notices unconscious. Panics. Leaves.

Chorus 2 Halay: Gone

Verse 3 Start: Bean sheepishly re-enters.

Verse 3 Halay: Little kick in time with "A-Lay-Loo-Yaas".

Chorus 3 Start: Panics a little, not knowing what to do.

Chorus 3 Halay: Grabs arms, Tries waving singer’s arms up and down to music

Verse 4 Start: Stands, wonders what to do

Verse 4 Halay: Remembers chest compressions, mimes

Chorus 4 Start: gives little push, then another two

Chorus 4 Halay: stands, and pumps chest with foot like a lilo pump

Verse 5 Start: Annoyed still not awake, thinks about mouth to mouth.

Verse 5 Halay: tries whooshing in air with hands

Chorus 5 Start: Sees magazine, newspaper, roles it up

Chorus 5 Halay: Blows in time with "A-Lay-Loo-Yaas", singers stomach rises (exaggerated) each time, holding last one a long time with music.

Verse 6 Start: Bean is nearly giving up

Verse 6 Halay: has a devious idea, looking at audience,

Chorus 6 Start: Zap to life

Chorus 6 Halay: Singer stands slowly, Bean sings "A-Lay-Loo-Yaas" in mic, Shake hand ZAP on last YAAAAAA!!! and singer collapses again.

Bean chorus plays: Bean runs off, leaving singer. Then sneaks back on and drags Singer off.
If time runs across back of stage to other side – far away from the body.


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