Image of God [A fun church children's story about God's power and being created in His image]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - June 15, 2019

Who here has herd of the story of creation?

In Genesis it it talks about God creating the heavens and the earth in how many days?

ONLY 6!!! How amazing is that!

On the first day, what did God create? (Light)

How did the create it? (Speaking)

Can anyone here make light by speaking? Stand up and show us.

Day 2, what id God make? (sky/air)

Day 3, what id God make? (land sea plants

Day 4, what id God make? (sun moon planets can you?

Day 5, what id God make? (fish and birds

Day 6, what id God make? (animals)

What else on 6th? (Humans

How did he create humans? (with His hands)

Why did he use his hands this time - sore throat? (Because we were so special He came close to us, maybe?).

What makes us more special than all the rest of the things he created?
(Created in His image - meaning we look think laugh cry love like God does - where as the animals plants and planets He created can’t do that)

Why do you think he created us in His image? (So he could have a more special relationship with us.)

How amazing that we were made in his image so we could be friends with him. Family even!

However, have you ever made a person with your hands before?
It can't be THAT hard to design and create someone in your own image with your hands?

I have some play doh here. Let me try make someone in MY image:

Make Legs, and body
And ares (Do I need to make them muscly?)

Head. Do I need to put hair on ?
Nose, mout,h eyes, ears...

Does this look like me? Maybe I’m not very good at this, some people could do this with their hands.

But even if it did look exactly like me, can I be friends with it? Have a conversation? Why not?

What else did God do?
BREATH! So I've seen how you do this. YOu tilt the head back, hold hte chin and pinch the nose an blow (squish up face in the process)

Maybe we need to do that pumping thing on their chest... (Squish out hte body flat in the process)

Oh Dear! I’m not a very good god am I!

How awesome is God to be able to make the first humans and breath and they come to life!

God is so amazing! So much more amazing than we can imagine. And always remember that he made us special because he love us and want's us to love Him in return, just like you love your parents.


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