Small Parts [Church children's story about everyone's talents being valuable]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 18, 2019

Before we start I have something I need you all to remember. When you hear the triangle, that means it’s time to go back to your seats.

When a band or an orchestra is playing which part do you think is most import?
Usually whoever has the solo or is playing the melody at the time. So it who’s most important can change throughout a song.

But while the melody probably has the most important part of a song, it doesn't mean the other parts are not important. Without the other parts music just isn’t as good as when everyone does their little bit to add to the music.

Play Video:
Does the trombone have the most important part?
Hear music in background, all the strings with the melody, But Trombone is still valuable to the music, even though he’s not the most important.

Let’s try and experiment with our musicians.

[each playing the part they would play when playing Jesus loves me a a group]

Let s here the drums only. What song is this?

Now the bass only. What song is this?

Now the left hand of the piano, do you know what song it is now?

Finally the right had of the Piano, NOW do you know what song it is.

Maybe the right hand of the piano was the most important, BUT whay about when we put all the other seemingly unimportant bits together. do you want to hear what is sounds like when everyone plays their part?

[band plays all together a grooving Jesus Loves me]

Who is the most important person in our church? Often the Pastor - but not always!!.

Who’s most important changes depending on what’s happening. Like when the offering is being taken up, who’s the most important person then,

Is it the deacons? Maybe, or is it the person putting the money in at that moment??

Or right now, I can’t help but think that the person taking the children’s story in the most important in the church, right now! But not for much longer. Everyone who plays their part is important.

Some roles at church may never be ‘most’ important, but they are still important and are needed to make the big picture, or the big sound.

God has an orchestra and the best thing you can do with your life, is serve God in God’s orchestra of love. You may never have a big solo part in this orchestra, like becoming a pastor like Pablo, but there will be things you can do in you life that will be important to bringing someone else to know Jesus love them.
So whatever part you end up playing in God’s orchestra, your role is important, whether it may seem big or small [ding triangle and DON'T say go back to your seats].


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