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Aug 31, 2019

A Father’s Shadow [Father's day skit on a dad's legacy/mentorship/influence]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Aug 31, 2019

Two youths sit, scrolling through their phones (could have the script on it)
A is a modest, honest friend who's had a dad who had taught them a lot
B has a dad who hasn't taught them anything of note

B: Holidays hey, what should we do?

A: Do you want to go surfing?

B: You can surf?

A: Yeah, dad taught me.

B: Nah, can’t say I like the thought of going far out into the ocean.

A: Do you wanna come help me work on my go cart?

B: You’re a mechanic?

A: Not really, but dad taught me some stuff.

B: Oh. Well not really. All that motor stuff is a mystery to me.

A: Wanna play some guitar?

B: You play guitar?

A: A bit. Dad taught me.

B: Nah, sounds hard.

A: Wanna go horse riding?

B: I didn't know you were a horse rider?

A: Dad’s taken me a few times. It's ok once you get the hang of it.

B: Sounds stinky. No thanks.

A: Wanna play some Golf?

B: Oh, I’ve tried golf once but I was terrible. I couldn’t hit the ball 10 meters.

A: I could give you some tips dad taught me - It’s fun once you get the swing of it.

B: Nah.... You're Dad's taught you a lot of stuff.

A: Yeah, I guess so.

A: Wanna bake a cake?

B: What? Your dad taught you how to bake a cake?

A: Nah. [pause] But he did buy the recipe books for Mother’s Day that mum uses.

B: If only we could weld, we could make a catapult and Launch pine cones into the lake.

A: Yeah


B: You never made a catapult with your dad?

A: No?

B: Well that's a first!


A: Though... I welded a trebuchet with dad once, I guess that’s kind of similar.

B: Hey... wanna go put a paper bag of dog poop on old man Walter’s front porch and set it in fire and ring the door bell and run off. We could put a go pro in the front pot plant so we can put it on YouTube?

A: Not really? Dad taught me to respect people, especially the elderly.

B: Oh come on, it’s just a bit of fun.

A: Would you like a flaming bag of poop on your front door?

B: No

A: Well, there you go - "Do unto others what you want done unto you".

B: Lemme guess, your dad taught you that.

A: Kind of.

A: Hey wanna come to Bible study on Wednesday night?

B: You seriously read the Bible?

A: Yeah, dad’s leading the study this week. He always makes it fun.

B: Well... [jokes] if your dad’s going to be there, maybe he can teach me to cross stitch too?

A: Nah, dad’s doesn’t cross stitch. [stands up to leave] He’s prefers tapestry. Could teach you if you're interested.

B: [follows] Man... where can I get a dad like yours? He's taught you everything!


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