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Sep 14, 2019

Hand Picked [Children's skit about God using 'ordinary' people]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - September 14, 2019

A: Ok, line up, line up, everyone!

B: Oh, good. I see you have assembled the applicants for the next battle hero!

A: Yes, the finest in the land.

B: Who have we got?

A: Ok, well here’s the finest archer in the land: Ruth of Loxley.
Show us your shooting ability!
B: Nah, next.

A: Ok, this is the finest marshal artist in the land: Joshua Chan.
Show us some of your moves!
B: Nah, next.

A: Oh, this is the smartest man in the land: Aaron Einstein.
Show us how smart you are!
B: Nah, next.

A: Oh, ok. Here’s the fastest chariot driver in the land: Michael Sandal-marker.
B: Nah, next.

A: This is the strongest hero you’ll ever find: Sam-moon. Just look at their muscles!
B: Nah, next.

A: Well, here’s the greatest knife thrower in the land: Gomer Ramsey.
B: Nah, next.

A: Well… that’s all actually. These are the greatest in the land.
Surely you will not find a greater hero.
All that’s left are these rugby players from New Zealand.

[all stick their tongues out like at the end of the Hakka]

B: Ummm….How about her?

A: Who? [looks around, not seeing the sweet little girl on the end]

B: Her [points]

A: Oh, sorry. No. She must have lost her parents. Run away now.

B: No wait. What’s your name?

[Girl answers]

B: I think we’ve found our next warrior!

A: [stares unimpressed at B for 5 seconds.] Just a moment. Excuse me little girl.
  • Are you super strong?
  • A ninja?
  • Super smart?
  • Hit a bulls eye with an arrow?
  • A chariot driver?
  • A knife thrower?
You see, she’s just a little girl!

B: Excuse me, little girl, do you love God?

Girl: Yes!

B: Great! She’s the one!

A: Wait?, What? Why do you think our Lord God will want her over these obvious choices?

B: If any of these heroes lead us out to battle and God helps them win, which he’ll need to do, who’s going to receive all the glory and worship?
You see, God often hand picks someone who’s not really the biggest and best to encourage faith in Himself and so He can be glorified.

A: Oh, so they’re hand-picked because they’re average. [start to walk off]
Hang on - I was hand-picked for my role!...

B: Yes you were.... And what a FINE job our God is doing through you!


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