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Come and See! [Children's story about Jesus being the best part of your life to share with others]

  Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Oct 30, 2021

Hello girls and boys
I got a pet last week.
Do you want to see?
Come and see!

Here’s the cage.
Some warm lights
Some food
Crickets it eat (just like on MasterChef)
Thermostat computer...

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing my new pet

 [close doors]

Oh, didn’t you see my pet?
I missed showing you the best bit!
She was under that rock.
Would you like to see her?
Come and see.

You know, if you don’t share with others how happy it makes you knowing that jesus loves you, you’re missing out on showing others the best bit about life!

Just like me showing you my pet’s cage, and not showing you the actual pet!
There’s some cool stuff, but not the best bit!

Here’s my pet.

Her name’s Topaz and she’s a blue young lizard.
She’s about 4 months old and has just shed her skin so she must be growing.
She’s smells the air with her tongue .
Can you smell the air with your young blue??
Me neither.
She likes to eat…

So that’s my new pet, who I’m very excited about amd love very much.

And I’m also excited about Jesus love for me and how knowing that makes it easier when things get a bit hard or sad in life.

And if I don’t share how much I love having Jesus in my life
And stories like how he’s answered prayers for our family, I’m missing showing Brooke the best bit of my life!

So Don’t forget to share your love for Jesus with your friends.

Don’t hide it under a rock!


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