God is with us [Children's Story - God is all Seeing, wise, powerful, HANSOME and loving]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - Dec 4, 2021
(first week back after a several month COVID church lock down closure)

V = Video recording,  S = live "Scott"

V: Good morning boys and girls, today we're going to talk about our God.  Do you think God is always with you? I do. Hmmm, but how can God be with you AND me at the same time? 


V: What? [looks down]

S: We’re going to do the children’s story live today…. thanks anyway. 

V: Oh,  you’re all back … I’ll just sit here I guess

S: Yes, kids! Come down the front for a LIVE children’s story. 

V: Do you want me to sing?

S: Not particularly, no.

V: Well can I whistle? (no) Can I hum it?
S: OK, if you must.
V: YAY, join with me everyone [hums Jesus loves me]

S: Come down the front kids for a LIVE children's story.

S: Good morning boys and girls, today we're going to talk about our God.
Do you think God is always with you? I do.
Hmmm, but how can God be with you AND me at the same time?
We can't be everywhere at once, like God, can we?
God is very different to you and me, And that’s what makes him a God and us Human.

One thing special about God, is he is all seeing.
God can see everything that happens - even before it happens!
Can you see everything that’s happening in the world?
Try this, can you even tell me what playing card is inside this envelope?

V: oh I can tell you what card it is.
S: Oh really, what card is in here.

V: It’s a red one
S: A red one? That’s a bit 50/50. What specifically is on the card? A 5 of diamonds, a queen of hearts? You can’t just say a red one.

V: Oh, well I still think it’s a red one.
S: OK, well lets see – it’s in fact…. a… red… one

V: I swapped  it on you, haha.

S: Ok, would you, come up, wear these binoculars- you are all seeing part of God.
What else, I know…. God is super smart, he is all wise!
He not only sees everything that is happening, but he always knows what’s best to do about what’s happening.
Could you put this light globe on your head, you’re the ‘all wise’ part of God, with very bright ideas.
So God is all seeing and all wise

V: is this story going to take long?
S: as long as there aren’t too many interruptions, no.

V: OK, good. I’ll stay then.... actually it’s probably best I DO for it's been a long time since we've been to church and some people may be a little daunted at making eye contact with real live people. 

S: Ok, another thing God is, he’s all powerful!
Let’s see all your muscles. Wow some pretty big muscles there.
Would you be my muscle person, stand here.
You look pretty strong, but let’s put these extra muscles on you because god is much stronger than all of us put together.
God is so strong and powerful, He can do anything-that’s super impressive.
Ok so all seeing, all wise, all powerful What else??

V: Oh I got another one,
S: Yes?
V: God is all… handsome!
S: I suppose he would be.
V: Can I play that part!
S: If you must, Ok…..
So all seeing, all wise, all powerful,
V: And all handsome [comes back on screen dressed up]
S: There at least one more big one we’re missing…..
All loving, Yes, god loves you more than even your parents do. More than you love your pet, or favorite teddy, or food or tv show, or your fav car or fav

V: Or fav handsome on screen celebrity
S: So you two can be love. Hug.
So if we put all those together,
We have a God who is all seeing, all wise, all powerful, all handsome, and all loving.
It means no matter what happens in your life. God always sees what’s happening to you, God knows what is best to do, God is able to do whatever needs to be done to help
AND most of all he wants to help because he loves you sooooo much!!

V: Excuse me, Scott. But what about when bad things happen to us? Where is God then?
S: Yes, Sometimes bad things do still happen, and we can ask God why he didn’t stop them, when we all get to heaven.

V: What a day of rejoicing that will be!
S: Yes.
And God will have good answers about why he didn’t stop certain challenges happening to us.
Remember, God sees more things than we do, and God knows more things than we do.
And most of all God is more loving than we are.
So we just have to trust in him, that even though he didn’t stop a bad thing from happen, Eventually, everything will end up ok - we just can’t see how immediately.
But we can always ask god to help us through difficult times.

V: Isn’t there a Bible verse about that in (looks sideways) 1 chronicles 28:20 - from memory.
S: Yes, that bible verse says we should:
“Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or discouraged
God is with you, He Will never fail or leave you.”
And this is because He loves you sooooooo much

V: Hey uncle Scott - do you know How we know god loves us?
Tell me, my handsome friend, who’s also doing a mighty fine job of showing how three people can also be one - how do we know God loves us?

V: For the Bible tells us so
S: OK, bring it home! - back to your seats – have a happy sabbath!
V: Join in with me! [hums Jesus loves me chorus]


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